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Boynton Beach Police Department Patrol CarUniform Services

The Uniform Services Division of the Boynton Beach Police Department encompasses several high visibility policing functions. These functions are Road Patrol, Traffic Unit, Community Action Team (CAT), K-9, Marine Enforcement, Community Redevelopment Agency Police Unit, Community Services, Youth Violence Prevention Program, and Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT). Combined, these units respond to approximately 65,000 calls for service annually.


Road Patrol

Road Patrol is the backbone of the Boynton Beach Police Department. The men and women of road patrol are the department's most visible asset. They patrol the city 24/7 and are driven by 911 calls. All Road Patrol units are radio dispatched and respond to non-emergency calls for service. We currently have three Lieutenants, also called district commanders. Each Lieutenant is responsible for a district that is comprised of four Sergeants and more than a dozen Officers. Road Patrol is responsible for handling the bulk of calls for service on any given day.


Traffic Unit

The Traffic Unit consists of one sergeant, eight traffic officers, and eight community service officers. Primary function of the Traffic Unit is to ensure our roadways are safe by enforcing traffic laws and conducting selective enforcing in areas that are chronic to traffic violations. Members patrol the city by motorcycle and patrol car and investigate all traffic fatalities and accidents involving serious injury. Several other functions of the traffic unit are DUI enforcement, selective traffic enforcement, traffic studies, aggressive driving enforcement, and other traffic-related issues in the city. The primary function of the community service officers are to assist in traffic investigations and take reports of minor traffic crashes.


Community Action Team (CAT)

The Community Action Team is comprised of one Sergeant and six Officers. This is a very diverse team of officers who conduct both long and short term narcotics, gambling, and prostitution investigations. They also investigate complaints of criminal activity that affect the quality of life in the Boynton Beach community. Many of the investigations that are conducted by the CAT Team are the direct results of information provided to the Boynton Beach Police Department by concerned citizens. Click here to send an anonymous tip to the CAT.



The K-9 Unit consists of four teams of an officer and their K-9 partner. There is one team assigned to each of the 4 Road Patrol shifts providing K-9 coverage to the city 24/7. The Boynton Beach Police Department K-9 teams are cross-trained for tracking, apprehension, article searches and narcotics detection. K-9 can also be called upon to search for missing and lost children and senior citizens. Each year, the unit is responsible for over 100 tracks and apprehensions. The unit maintains annual training standards as set forth by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.


Marine Enforcement

The Boynton Beach Police Department Marine Unit is supervised by the Special Services Lieutenant. There are two officers assigned to the unit. They patrol inland waterways, the Intracostal waterway, and offshore utilizing a rigid hull inflatable vessel and a larger offshore vessel. Some of the functions of the Marine Unit are enforcement of boating regulations, safety patrol, drug interdiction, boater safety awareness and inspections, and illegal alien interdiction. The officers in the Marine Unit are U.S. Customs Blue Lightning and work in cooperation with ICE and the USCG.


Community Outreach

The Community Outreach Unit is a direct link between the community and the Boynton Beach Police Department. Some of the programs this unit runs are the Juvenile Arrest Monitoring (JAM), Police Explorers, Juvenile First Offender, Crime Prevention, Citizen Police Academy and the Teen Police Academy.


Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT)

The Boynton Beach Police Department SWAT conducts high-risk warrant service, high-visibility gang suppression, dignitary protection, and is called upon several times annually to respond to barricaded subjects and hostage situation. Members of the SWAT team are trained in the use of superior weaponry and high speed police tactics.