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Boynton Beach Police Department - Victim AdvocateVictim Advocate

Our Victim Advocate Unit was established to help our citizens cope with loss or come to terms with a painful reality. She is well-versed in community resources and able to help battered spouses find a safe place to live. She is also able to assist with the restraining order process or help someone who has just lost a loved one.

To say that this unit is the heart of our department would probably be cliché, but the statement is undoubtedly accurate.

Click here for information about VINE: Victim Information & Notification Everyday. 1-800-VINE-4-FL 

Click here to contact our victim advocate Muriel Waldmann. Click here to contact victim advocate Mary Villamil.

Do you need to file a Victims Compensation Claim? Click here for a copy of the Victims Compensation Brochure. These forms are available in English, Spanish and Creole. Click here for the Victims Compensation Claim form.