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Boynton Beach Police Department DispatcherSupport Services

The Support Services Division is responsible for the critical services that support the front-line policing elements of the Boynton Beach Police Department. These services include the Detective Bureau, Communications, Records, Evidence and Property, Crime Scene, Domestic Security and Criminal Intelligence, Crime Analysis, and Asset Forfeiture.


Detective Bureau

The Detective Bureau is responsible for follow-up investigations for specifically assigned cases. These cases are usually serious incidents such as, but not limited to; homicides, death investigations, robberies, serious sexual assaults, serious physical assaults, child and elderly abuse cases, and other felony cases that demand a unique investigative knowledge, extensive time, and may require coordination with outside agencies. Police detectives typically receive preliminary investigations, assess leads, contact witnesses, interview suspects, prepare and serve search and arrest warrants, and prepare cases for presentation to the State Attorney.


Communications Unit

The Communications Unit serves as the first link between those in need of assistance or information, and the Boynton Beach Police Department. These dedicated personnel provide 24-hour emergency and non-emergency call-taking services and process and dispatch these calls to the appropriate units within the department.


Records Unit

The Records Unit maintains all departmental records pertaining to criminal incidents, traffic violations and traffic accidents that occur in the City of Boynton Beach. The Records Unit records and forwards all documents pertaining to police department records in accordance with Florida State Statute. The Records Unit manages the public lobby front counter and all police records management. The Records Unit also consists of two UCR clerks who prepare Uniformed Crime Reporting in accordance with Florida Department of Law Enforcement and FBI requirements.


Evidence and Property Unit

This unit is responsible for all property and evidence brought into the Police Department. All evidence processed by Crime Scene, as well as found or abandoned property, is stored for evidentiary or owner determination purposes, consistent with Florida State Statute.


Crime Scene

Crime Scene Investigations is an integral part of the Criminal Investigations/Detective Bureau. C.S.I. is responsible for the collection of physical evidence through photography, physical crime scene search, recovery of latent fingerprints and the collection of physical evidence. Boynton Beach Crime Scene Technicians are a highly motivated group of individuals who recover visible and invisible evidence using the latest technology available. Crime Scene Technicians continuously strive to improve their knowledge and skills by attending specialized schools, seminars, and in-house training.


Crime Analysis

The mission of the Boynton Beach Police Department's Crime Analysis Unit is to support decision-making through short-term, long-term, and regional data analysis. The Unit provides systematic, analytical processes directed at providing timely and pertinent information relative to crime patterns and trend correlations to assist the operational and administrative personnel of the Department in planning the deployment of resources for the prevention and suppression of criminal activities, aiding the investigative process, and increasing apprehensions and the clearance of cases. Within this context, Crime Analysis supports a number of department functions including patrol deployment, special operations, tactical units, investigations, planning and research, crime prevention, and administrative services (budgeting and program planning). --Steven Gottlieb et al., 1994, "Crime Analysis: From First Report To Final Arrest."


Domestic Security and Criminal Intelligence

The new Domestic Security position at the Boynton Beach Police Department acts as an internal clearinghouse of information on terrorism and homeland security issues as they may impact the City of Boynton Beach. Among other duties, the unit will organize and conduct homeland security vulnerability assessments on facilities and buildings and grounds in the City, and act as a point of contact in conjunction with the City's Emergency Management. This unit acts as a liaison with federal, state and other municipal officials on homeland security issues.


Asset Forfeiture

The Asset Forfeiture Unit enforces the forfeiture laws in the State of Florida which allow for law enforcement to maintain custody of certain property which has been seized from a criminal defendant. The law allows municipal agencies to bring forfeiture proceedings against properties which are the proceeds of unlawful activity or which were used or intended to be used in furtherance of unlawful activity or which has become an integral part of unlawful activity. The purpose of these laws is to deprive defendants of the fruits of their unlawful activities and to act as a deterrent in preventing similar activity in the future.