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Investigative Services

Investigative Services is responsible for analyzing data collected on all criminal cases. These cases are classified by the seriousness of the violation, as well as the solvability of each offense. Cases are then assigned to detectives and investigators who specialize in crimes against personsproperty crimeseconomic crimes and the special victims unit. They also provide background investigations for potential city employees.

Investigative Services personnel work closely with the other units in the police department on a frequent basis. Investigative Services also tracks trends in criminal activity and progressively works with our Community Action Team and Community Redevelopment Agency Police Unit to apprehend suspects. Notable trends in criminal activity are also frequently disseminated to the Crime Prevention Unit and our C.O.P. Volunteers to increase public awareness.

If you have information that you would like to share with our Investigative Services personnel, relating to a case which occurred in Boynton Beach, click here.



Investigative services personnel are responsible for coordinating sexual offender / predator checks with road patrol personnel. To see if a sexual offender or predator lives in your area, click here