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In Memoriam

Zeus - In Memoriam
Zeus (K-9 Partner to Ofc. Robert Thomas)
E.O.W. 05-20-01
  Officer P. Edwin DeJean - In Memoriam
Officer P. Edwin DeJean
E.O.W. 05-08-99

Officers responded to the Medication Station in response to a burglary alarm. While Ofc. Robert Thomas, Ofc. Stewart Steele and Ofc. Thomas' K-9 partner Zeus were clearing the building, they were ambushed by a 17-year-old who was held up inside the business.

Zeus acted heroically, lunging at the gunman who was hidden behind a door. The officers and the assailant exchanged gunfire and Ofc. Thomas was struck several times. Ofc. Steele helped Ofc. Thomas get out of the building, while under fire. K-9 Zeus was unable to escape. The responding SWAT team fired several tear gas canisters into the building in an effort to force the suspect out.

Regretfully, the building caught fire and Zeus perished inside. The suspect was found with a self-inflicted gunshot wound. K-9 Zeus is credited with making the ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty and saving his partner's life.


In May 1999, Veteran Officer Eddie DeJean died of a heart attack caused by complications relating to a chronic liver disorder.

Ofc. DeJean left behind a two-month old daughter among the long list of people who loved him.


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