Vanessa Snow serves as the Deputy Chief of Police. She joined the Boynton Beach Police Department as the Administrative Services Division Commander in September 2015, and most recently served as Assistant Chief over the Support Services Division. She has over 20 years of law enforcement and executive experience at the municipal, county, and federal levels.

D/C Snow earned her undergraduate degree from the University of Florida and her juris doctorate from Nova Southeastern University.
As a former school district police officer assigned to schools in Boynton Beach, and later as a command officer overseeing Southern Palm Beach County, she has a great deal of experience working with children and families within the Boynton Beach community.

D/C Snow is also a trained FBI Intelligence Analyst, who during her time with the FBI’s West Palm Beach Office, specialized in domestic terrorism and sovereign citizen activity. She remains proficient in this knowledge and travels the country providing instruction to police agencies and governmental organizations about this topic.

D/C Snow is a member of the Florida Bar and operates a boutique legal firm in which she specializes in property and estate law. A/C Snow also serves as the General Council and Senior Instructor for the School Safety Advocacy Council and specializes in bullying issues and the potential for legal litigation facing both schools and communities in addressing such cases.

D/C Snow previously served as the Support Services Commander for the Riviera Beach Police Department.