A phone scam just cost two elderly community members about $7,000 dollars. Please read this and share it with everyone you love.

On Aug. 14, a 77-year-old woman received a phone call from someone who said they were from Chase bank and that her debit card was fraudulently used in Boca Raton. The “bank rep” said they needed to come to her home to get the compromised cards and give her new ones. The victim said a black female wearing a navy blue dress and a face mask showed up at her front door and took six of her credit/debit cards. The credit cards were used at various locations and more than $2,500 was taken out of her checking account.

The next day, an 89-year-old man received a similar phone call, however this “bank rep” claimed to work for Wells Fargo. The person advised they were sending someone to his house to pick up his credit cards. A black female with black curly hair and what was likely a fraudulent bank ID card came to his door and took his Wells Fargo card. Soon after, $4,500 was taken out of his bank account.

Both of these victims live in the same community and were likely targeted due to their age.

We urge everyone to share information about this scam, especially with senior citizens. If you get a call like this, do not provide them your bank information and do not agree to have anyone come to your home. Hang up and contact your bank directly. No bank will send a representative to your house to collect a compromised credit/debit card. Do not give your credit/debit cards to anyone that you do not know. Call Boynton Beach Police at 561-732-8116 to report all suspicious activity.