It is with tremendous pride that we announce that we have met the requirements to become part of the Missing Kids Readiness Project, a program of the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children.
The project promotes best practices for responding to calls of missing, abducted and sexually exploited children. Law enforcement agencies and 911 call centers are recognized for meeting essential training and policy elements demonstrating preparedness for responding to a missing child incident.
To meet the requirements of the project, we worked with NCMEC on their missing child policy to ensure it met the critical elements of NCMEC’s model policy for law enforcement agencies. In addition, Police Chief Jeffrey S. Katz and Assistant Chief Vanessa Snow completed the Missing Children Seminar for Chief Executives at NCMEC headquarters in Alexandria, VA., and ensured all first responders and front line supervisors completed the necessary classroom and/or online training.
“Protecting the lives and safety of children in our community is our top priority,” Katz said. “Through this project, we are positioned to respond more quickly, comprehensively and effectively when a child’s life may be at stake.”
We are the fourth law enforcement agency in the state to achieve this status, the 33rd in the nation.
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