18-019606 Burglary Auto 3630 Wolf Run Ln 1754 hours
Victim reported a burglary to her Toyota which was left unlocked overnight. The victim’s credit cards were stolen from the vehicle and were later fraudulently used in nearby stores.
18-019624 Stolen Vehicle 1331 S. Federal Hwy 1918 hours
Victim reported the theft of her white 2016 BMW X1 bearing NY tag U459DG. The theft occurred between 04/04/18 and 04/09/18 while the victim was out of town. The keys were not with the vehicle.
18-019630 Burglary Auto 3643 Whispering Cyp. Ln 2019 hours
Victim reported a burglary to her gray Mercedes C300. The burglary occurred overnight while the vehicle was left unlocked. The vehicle was ransacked but nothing was stolen from within the vehicle.
18-019680 Burglary Business 1304 N. Federal Hwy 0249 hours
Officers responded to a burglar alarm at Clear Copy located at the above address. Officers found a broken window and opened door at the rear of the business. Officers checked the interior of the building and did located anyone inside the business. The business representative responded and informed officers that nothing was taken from inside the business.
Officers responded to 1 Non-Fatal overdose over the course of the shift.
18- 19515 0606 hrs Stolen Vehicle 6101 Mahogany Dr.
A 2005 tan Mercury Grand Marquis with FL tag # 649PEB, was reported stolen sometime between 4/8 at 0600 and this morning.
18-19516 0611 hrs Vandalism (City Library) 208 S. Seacrest Blvd.
Unknown person vandalized an eastward facing glass door by striking it several times with rocks and a misappropriated traffic control sign. The glass was shattered, but intact. Investigation is on-going.
18-19532 0824 hrs Aggravated Battery Firearm 1461 NW 3rd St.
B/F, Lachelle Soodeen, 08/08/98, and B/M, Joshua Hewitt, 03/22/90, were both arrested for separate acts of domestic violence involving Soodeen being battered and threatened with a firearm by Hewitt, and Hewitt having been shot with the firearm by Soodeen.
18-19546 1015 hrs Shooting Occupied Vehicles 2700 Block of NW 1st St.
Occupants of two separate vehicles were observed shooting at each other, but they were not located. Several shell casings were located from the exchange. Crime Scene responded. Vehicles were described as a “white vehicle” and a “dark black or blue Kia Sol.”
18-19570 1304 hrs Stolen Vehicle 2 Southern Cross Ln. #208
Victim reported his beige 2017 Hyundia Elantra with FL tag# CDX7308 (paper tag) as stolen after he learned from police it was just involved in a “hit and run” in our city at 1248 hours. Vehicle is not recovered at this time.