16023472 1950 hours Burglary (Auto) 1269 Piazza Antinori
Victim reported that sometime between 04/19/2016 and this date, unknown person(s) entered their unsecured 2014, Nissan, Altima, and removed a backpack that contained a Lenovo laptop computer and an LG cell phone. Total loss estimated at $1,500.
16-23388 1218 hours Burglary Business 3400 S. Congress Ave. (Public Storage)
Unknown person entered the facility between 04/16/16 and today’s date, and removed a 15 hp Motorglyde engine from his 14 foot Meyers boat.
16-23396 1310 hours Burglary Auto 2630 Spiceberry Ln.
Unknown person entered two unlocked vehicles at the residence and ransacked the contents of both. Miscellaneous documents were taken from one vehicle.
16-023241 1818hrs Overdose 706 W. Boynton Beach Blvd
Units responded to an unconscious W/M who was suffering from an overdose. BBFR arrived on scene gave him Narcan which revived him. He was transported to Bethesda Hospital.
16-023265 2107hrs Burglary to Auto 2240 N. Federal Hwy (Intercostal Park)
Contact was made with victim who stated she parked her 2011 Volkswagen in the park at approximately 1000 hours and returned around 2100 hours to discover the vehicle had been burglarized. Victim advised she left her purse visible on the rear seat of the vehicle, which was the only item was taken. Point of entry was through the rear window which was smashed out.
16-023282 2309hrs Possession of Heroin/Possession Crack Cocaine 2821 S. Federal Hwy (Homing Inn)
While Officer Gleicher and Grigorian were on an Extra patrol at the Homing Inn they observed a 1999 Honda exit the property which committed several traffic infractions. A traffic stop was conducted on the vehicle and contact was made with the sole occupant B/M Lester, Louis. During the traffic stop, investigation revealed that Lester was in possession of heroin and crack cocaine. Due to the fact that his vehicle was used in commission of a felony, the 1999 Honda was seized for forfeiture. Lester was TOT PBCJ.
16-023169 0835hrs Motor Vehicle Theft 1660 Renaissance Commons Blvd
Victim stated that unknown suspect(s) stole his 2007 Suzuki GSX1300R motorcycle from the parking garage. The motorcycle is burgundy in color bearing Fl tag 346 8NZ.
16-023178 0926hrs Police Assist (Eviction) 10 Dalton Pl
On 04/22/2016 PBSO served a 24hour final eviction notice to James Wright and Roxanne Griblin. BBPD units responded to the location to assist with the eviction. They gathered their belongings and left without any issues. The neighbors were applauding and thanking Officers profusely as Wright and Griblin left.
16-023040 1801hrs Battery LEO Gateway and Seacrest Blvd
While Officer Herny and Ramos were on patrol they observed a black vehicle blocking the roadway and observed the occupants B/M George Bunn and B/F Trecia Benjamin engaged in a verbal altercation that appeared to be escalating. Officers attempted to make contact with both subjects however both Bunn and Benjamin turned their aggression toward the officers by yelling and screaming at them. Due to the possibility of this altercation being a domestic violence incident Officer Ramos attempted to gather information from Bunn. Bunn refused to cooperate and did not comply obstructing any type of investigation. Officer Ramos then placed Bunn under arrest for obstruction and when he did Benjamin jumped on his back. Benjamin was detained and placed into handcuffs but as she was being detained she kicked officer Dailey. Once both subjects were detained Bunn was charged with R/A without violence and Benjamin was charged with two counts of battery on LEO.
16-023050 1851hrs Overdose Belmont Place
W/M was found breathing but unresponsive and is believed to have utilized heroin earlier this evening. BBFR provided him with the proper medical attention and after a short time he regained consciousness. He was later taken to Bethesda by BBFR.
16-023100 2209hrs Trafficking Heroin/Possession Cocaine and Marijuana 2821 S. Federal Hwy
While conducting and extra patrol at the Homing Inn Officer Worrell observed a B/M Reed, Isidore operating a bicycle with several traffic infractions. Officer Worrell attempted to make contact with Reed for those infractions however Reed decided not to stop and began to flee on foot. A brief foot pursuit ensued, which ended with Officer Worrell having to utilize her Taser in order to take Reed into custody. Once detained search incident to arrest revealed that Reed was in possession of 4 grams of heroin, 3.9 grams of Crack Cocaine and 15.3 grams of Marijuana. Reed was TOT PBCJ.
16-023135 0045hrs Possession of Firearm by Convicted Felon 1300 N. Seacrest Blvd
Officer James and Vargas conducted a traffic stop on a Mercury Grand Marquis for a traffic violation. Officers made contact with the driver B/M Bell, Jamael which through investigation it was determined that Bell had a firearm in the glove compartment and is a convicted felon. Bell was placed under arrest for the firearm. While at BBPD Bell gave a full confession under Miranda of owning the firearm. Bell was TOT PBCJ.
16-022854 1955hrs Overdose (Non- Fatal) 2815 S. Seacrest Bethesda Hospital
W/M arrived at Bethesda Hospital and advised Staff that his girlfriend W/F was in the parking lot overdosing. Medical Staff provided aid, brought her into the hospital and was able to revive her.
16-022789 1300 hours Burglary Auto 1005 N. Seacrest Blvd. (EZ Market).
Victim stated that an unknown suspect entered the vehicle between 04/17/16 at 1700 hours and 04/18/16 at 1900 hours and took a black and Purple 9MM SCCY(Make) model CPX2 handgun and magazine.
16022676 2106 hours Burglary (Residence) 229 SW 2nd Ave
Victim reported that between the hours of 0830 and 2100 hours, unknown person(s) entered the residence by prying open the front door. Once inside, suspects stole cash, jewelry, laptop computer, and a Ruger 9mm handgun. Firearm entered F/NCIC. Total loss is estimated at $5,900.
16022689 2317 hours Overdose (Non-Fatal) N Seacrest Blvd
Officers and EMS arrived and found w/f suffering from a heroin overdose. Life saving techniques were administered and she regained consciousness. She was transported to Bethesda for further treatment.
16022697 2318 hours Shooting (Occupied Dwelling) 326 SW 5th Ave
Victim was standing in the driveway when a bullet struck the window to the front of the home. Victim advised no suspects were seen and no gunshot was heard. Crime Scene yielded a very small bullet fragment which appeared to been a ricochet which caused the window to break. A canvas of the area was conducted an no other victims, witnesses, or suspects were located.