15-018230 Possession/Contraband 3101 S. Federal Hwy. 18:13 hours
Subsequent to a traffic stop Officer Esteves arrested Marseille, Howard for F.S.S. 893.13.6A Possession of Controlled Substance and F.S.S. 893.13.6B Possession of marijuana (< 20 grams). Marseille was transported to PBCJ without incident.
15-018250 Suspicious Incident – Shots Fired 509 SW 1st Street 20:44 hours
BBPD received a complaint of shots fired in the area of 509 SW 1st Street. Complainant stated 4 to 5 shots were heard in the area of SW 5th Avenue, SW 4th Avenue to SW 1st Ct. BBPD units checked the area with negative results.
15-018280 General Disturbance 120 W. MLK Blvd 23:53 hours
BBPD units responded to the area of 100 NW 10th Avenue in reference to a fight in progress. Subjects were observed yelling and screaming in rather high levels of intensity/volume in an attempt to escalate the disturbance with another group of individuals. While officers attempted to investigate the disturbance. One subject later identified as Shania Copeland took it upon herself to ignore the warnings by officers, as she continued to scream and yell in a manner to cause a disturbance. Copeland was arrested for Disorderly conduct and Possession of a controlled substance – marijuana (< 20 grams). Copeland was released NTA without incident.
15-018279 Shots Fired 1601 NE 4th St. 00:18 hours
Complainant advised she heard a single gunshot in the area of NE 15th Avenue and NE 4th Street. When she looked outside her residence she observed two black males standing next to a gray in color sedan facing northbound. After hearing several more shots the subjects got back into the vehicle and drove southbound on Federal Hwy from the scene. Units were able to locate nine S&W 40 caliber shell casings at the intersection of NE 15th Avenue and NE 4th Street. Vehicle was not located.
15-018171 0802hrs Burglary Auto NE 25th Ave
Victim stated that he woke up this morning to find the driver’s door of his vehicle open. Upon further inspection, he noticed work paper from the inside and tools from the mounted tool box on the bed, missing. Upon viewing the victim’s surveillance footage, it was discovered at around 0213hrs an unknown and unidentified male entered the victim’s vehicle without permission. Total loss $536
15-018198 1326hrs Burglary Residence Forced Kerry PL
Complainant is house-sitting for victim (home owner) who is out of town on vacation. Complainant stated that the last time she went to the home and checked the mail was on the 19th of this month and everything was fine. When she returned to the home today, she found the rear slider door smashed out and dresser drawers opened in every room. Missing items can’t be determined at this time. The homeowner was contacted and advised of the incident.
15-018068 Vehicle Burglary – Delayed Providence Road
Officers met with W/M Edward Wyrzykowski, who reported that sometime between Friday evening and Saturday morning; an unknown person(s) burglarized his vehicle – described as a 2011 White Dodge Ram P/U. Once entry was made the unknown person(s) stole the victim’s sunglasses and wallet w/ contents from therein.
15-018109 D.W.L.S./Possession of Marijuana/Warrant 00 W. M.L.K., Jr. Blvd.
Officer Vargas made contact with B/M Moss, Shedrick (33 YOA) during a traffic stop at the aforesaid location. A complete records check of Moss revealed that his driving privileges were suspended by the State of Florida, coupled with having an outstanding warrant from Palm Beach County (for FTA – Traffic.) An inventory of the vehicle gleaned 1.3 grams of marijuana. Moss was charged accordingly and later he was transported to the Palm Beach County Jail.
15-018139 D.W.L.S./Possession of Marijuana/Paraphernalia 3600 block S. Federal Highway
Officer Esteves, in collaboration with Officer Gorfido made contact with W/F Feingold, Deridra (54 YOA) and W/M Decker, Patrick (53 YOA); during a traffic stop. A complete records check of Feingold revealed that her driving privileges were suspended by the State of Florida; at which time, she was detained for such. Feingold was charged with D.W.L.S. and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia and Decker was charged with Possession of Marijuana; both were subsequently was released with a Notice to Appear.
15-018001 Theft Auto Accessory SE 3rd St. 0801hrs
Officers responded to above address in ref. to a theft. The victim advised that sometime between 4-24-15 at 2300hrs and 0800hrs this morning unknown person(s) took one of the passenger side tires off the vehicle. Total loss $250.
15-018004 Agg. Battery 614 Meadows Cir. 0829hrs
Officers responded to above address in ref. to an agg. Battery. Both parties were involved in an argument and then a fight which involved a choke and a umbrella. After interviewing both parties they signed refusal to prosecute.
15-017876 Warrant Arrest 3200 S. Congress Avenue
Officer Autiello, in collaboration with PTO Turco arrested B/M Roberlo-Perez, Rebecca R. (38 YOA), after a complete records check revealed an active and extraditable VOP warrant – out of Marion County. Later, Roberlo-Perez was transported to Palm Beach County Jail, without incident.
15-017902 Strong Armed Robbery 1009 N. Federal Highway
Officers met with Bvictim (66 YOA), who stated while riding her bicycle a thin build B/M (described as being approximately 5-02 in height – wearing an orange t-shirt and tan pants) ran up and grabbed $60 from her person. The B/M was last seen running westbound on NW 10th Avenue. A search of the area gleaned negative results for the suspect.
15-017918 Warrant/Grand Theft Auto – Arrest 2755 S. Federal Highway
Officer Esteves made contact with W/F Talaga, Candace (26 YOA) and W/M McDonald, Nicholas (25 YOA); who were occupying a suspicious vehicle at the aforesaid location. A thorough records check of the North Carolina tag revealed that the vehicle was reported stolen on April 16, 2015; at which time, the occupants were detained. A complete records check of Talaga revealed that she had two (2) outstanding warrants from Collier County (both were for VOP.) Aninvestigation was conducted resulting in McDonald being charged with Trespass of a Conveyance; he was subsequently was released with a Notice to Appear. Talaga was charged with Grand Theft Auto and the outstanding warrants; she was later transported to the Palm Beach County Jail.
15-017923 D.W.L.S. – ArrestState Road 5 and State Road 804
Officer Castro arrested H/M Jose, Victor (43 YOA); after investigation revealed that Jose did not obtain a driver license prior to driving a motor vehicle. Jose was charged accordingly and released with a Notice to Appear.
15-017934 Attempted Residential Burglary – Delayed NW 24th Avenue
Officers met with victim (25 YOA), who reported that sometime on Friday, April 24th – an unknown person(s) attempted to burglarize her residence.
15-017798 Burglary Auto NE 18th Ave. 0536hrs
Officers responded to above address in ref. to a burglary auto. The complainant stated that unknown person(s) entered his unlocked vehicle sometime between 0001hrs and 0530hrs. The unknown person(s) took his wallet which had cash and his D/L inside. Nothing else taken.
15-017803 R/A w/out Violence 217 N. Fed. Hwy. (Chevron). 0652hrs
Officers responded to above address in ref. to a fight with shovels. Upon arrival contact was made with one of the subjects in the parking lot of Bud’s Chicken (400 BLK E. Boynton Beach Blvd.) The other half B/M later identified as John Bell was walking near the tracks when he was told to stop by police. Bell fled the area. Charges being filed for the R/A w/out.
15-017704 1658 hrs Vandalism to Auto 612 SW 1st Ave
Victim advised that she noticed that when she was putting gas into her vehicle, she observed that her gas cap was loose. Upon further inspection, she observed sugar around the lip of her gas tank.
15-017719 1755 hrs Burglary to Residence Arezzo Cir
Between the hours of 0800 and 1730 on this date, an unknown person(s) entered into the residence and removed an I-pad.
15-017741 1943 hrs Possession of Marijuana < than 20 grams 2200 S Seacrest Blvd.
Officer Ward conducted a traffic stop on a Gray in color Mercury. An investigation revealed that the passenger Ortilio Hernandez was in possession of marijuana. He was released with an N.T.A.
15-017749 2026 hrs Warrant Arrest 100 Block of NW 8th Ave.
Officer Webster conducted a traffic stop on a white Chevy. A system check of the occupants revealed that Deandra Allen had an active warrant. She was later forwarded to C.J.
15-017768 2155 hrs Possession of Marijuana < than 20 grams 4000 N Congress Ave.
While conducting selective enforcement, Officer Rivera conducted a traffic stop at the above location. An investigation revealed that the driver Daquan Dwight Robinson was in possession of marijuana less than 20 grams. He was issued an N.T.A.