16023691 2038 hours Burglary (Auto) Intracoastal Park / 2240 N Federal Hwy
Victim reported that between 1900 hours and 2030 hours, unknown person(s) entered their 2013, Volkswagen SUV, by unknown means, while it was parked at the above location. The victim reported a stolen purse which contained a wallet with all identification, money, and banking accessories. Total loss estimated at $850. The purse (minus its contents) was recovered on Dimmick Rd. by a local resident.
16-23588 0936 hours Burglary Auto 610 Horizons East
Unknown person entered victim’s unlocked vehicle between 2000 hours last night and 0800 hours this morning, ransacking through the contents of the glove box and center console, but nothing appeared to be missing.
16-23600 1119 hours Burglary Auto 115 S. Federal Hwy.
Victim left her personal belongings in her vehicle while she went inside the church thrift store to donate items. While standing inside of the rear doorway of the store, she heard a car door close. Upon investigation, she observed her cell phone was missing from within her vehicle and observed a B/M and B/F (possibly W/F) walking westbound from the parking lot. She then located her mother’s purse and her cell phone lying on the ground several feet away from a female that was walking away from the area. The female was located and identified, however; no PC existed for arrest.