16-020164 2016hrs Trafficking Fentanyl 100 NE 12th Ave
While Officer James was on patrol he conducted a traffic stop on a 2012 Merz. Officer James made contact with the driver W/F Phillips, Lauren who was driving the vehicle with a suspended license. Officer James advised Phillips that because the vehicle was obstructing the roadway it would have to be towed. Phillips advised that it was not her vehicle and that it belonged to her friend W/M Keightly, Thomas DOB 03-04-82. Officer James then conducted an inventory of the vehicle and when he did he located an envelope filled with over 100 blue capsules which contained a white powdery substance. Contact was made with Keightly who did advise that the capsules where indeed his and that he ordered them from China. After a thorough investigation it was determined that the white powder in the capsules was positive for Fentanyl. Keightly was placed under arrest for trafficking Fentanyl (51 grams) and TOT PBCJ.
Traffic Enforcement was conducted on Old Boynton Rd resulting in 25 citations.
16-019831 1610hrs Burglary to Residence 1901 W. Woolbright Rd
Contact was made with the victim who advised when they arrived home at1600 hrs they noticed the front door was knocked off the frame. The victim advised that they left the residence at0630 hrs. Once they entered the residence they noticed that PS4, an X-Box 1, an Apple MacBook and $1,500 cash missing from the residence.
16-019888 1919hrs Burglary to Residence/Attempted Arson 3 Grange Pl
Contact was made with the victim who advised upon returning to his residence at 1915hrs he quickly detected an unusual odor near the front door. The victim advised that the odor resembled the odor of gasoline. The victim also advised when he attempted to unlock the front door to his residence he noticed that it was unlocked. Once the victim entered his residence he noticed several of his furniture was damaged and destroyed. The victim advised when he checked his bedroom he noticed a candle on his bed which appeared as if was lit and discovered gasoline poured all over his bed sheets. Investigation still ongoing.
16-019944 2159hrs Failed To Stop 2100 S. Federal Hwy
While conducting an Extra Patrol at the Homing Inn, Officer Worrell observed a gray Grand Marquis exit the Homing Inn and commit a traffic infraction. Officer Worrell attempted to conduct a traffic stop on the vehicle however the vehicle failed to stop and began to flee northbound on Federal Hwy. Officer terminated the pursuit and advised that the vehicle went west on Woolbright Rd.
16-019945 2201hrs Fleeing and Eluding 2300 S. Federal Hwy
While conducting an Extra Patrol at the Homing Inn Officer B. Jones attempted to conduct a traffic stop on red Toyota Pickup truck FL tag I142LT. The Toyota disregarded any attempts to stop and proceeded to travel north bound on S Federal Highway. The Toyota continued approximately 10 blocks northbound at approximately 35 mph and then made a right turn into the Wells Fargo parking lot. The Toyota continued to travel throughout the parking lot still failing to stop, exited and began to traveled west bound on Woolbright Rd, where the vehicle made an immediate right turn to travel northbound on S Federal Highway. The vehicle then finally came to a complete stop in the parking lot of 1520 S Federal Highway. Contact was made with the sole occupant driver W/M Joel Richard Ryan who was placed under arrest for Fleeing and Eluding and TOT PBCJ.
16-019946 2206hrs Possession of Heroin 2755 S. Federal Hwy
While conducting an extra patrol at Homing Inn Officer C.Rivera and Officer Gleicher were utilizing an unmarked patrol vehicle to conduct surveillance. Ofc. Rivera observed a Black Nissan Juke bearing FL tag EVVH36 drive into the parking lot with two occupants, later identified as the driver W/M Rane Wormsley and passenger W/F Enise Conry. An unknown B/M approached the vehicle which is when Ofc. Rivera observed the B/M exchange money with the driver of the vehicle. The vehicle left the parking lot within one minute of it entering, and proceeded to park at the Atrium plaza 2755 S Federal Hwy. Officer Herny and Ramos made contact with the vehicle and the two occupants and upon walking up to the vehicle Officer Herny observed in plain view a hypodermic needle. Investigation revealed that both Enise and Wormsley were in possession of heroin. Wormsley and Enise were placed under arrest and TOT PBCJ.
16019744 2349 hours Shots Fired 3260 N Seacrest Blvd
Officers responded to the area in reference to shots being fired. Upon arrival, officers located seven (7) 9mm shell casings in the roadway. No victims or property damage were located. The casing were collected and later placed into BBPD evidence.
16-19555 0639 hours Burglary Auto 2104 NE 1st CT
Victim stated that sometime between 2130hrs on 04-06-16 and 0630hrs today, unknown suspect smashed out the driver’s side rear window of his 2004 Acura, which was parked in his driveway. Victim’s wallet containing his D/L and two credit cards were taken without his permission.
16-19569 0731 hours Burglary Auto 539 NW 8th Ave
Victim stated that sometime between 2000hrs on 04-06-16 and today at 0731hrs, unknown suspect entered her unlocked Ford Expedition, which was parked in her driveway. Victim’s purse containing cash, credit cards and a passport were taken from the back seat without her permission.