15-014736 – Supplement Principal to a Burglary – Arrest 506 NE 3rd Street (City Towing) 00:26 hours
Officer Esteves, in collaboration with Detective Montoya; arrested B/F Ziegler, Tracy (37 YOA), after co-defendant B/M Griffin, Donald voluntarily provided information that Ziegler procured his services to commit a burglary – so that she could obtain paperwork from inside the subject vehicle. Post Miranda, Ziegler admitted that she was distraught that City Towing would not allow her ample time to search her vehicle and knew when Griffin jumped the fence it was a crime; however, denies commissioning Griffin to commit the act. City Towing is going to provide the surveillance camera footage, at a later time. Ziegler was charged accordingly and transported to the Palm Beach County Jail, without further incident.
15-014894 Criminal Mischief 1300 SW 35th Avenue (Caloosa Park) 19:28 hours
Officer Castro arrested Juvenile (17 YOA) and B/M Louis, Luckner (41 YOA); after a thorough investigation revealed that juveniles drove his vehicle through a gate an onto a baseball diamond, causing an estimated $1500 in damages. Luckner was charged with Criminal Mischief and Leaving the Scene of a Traffic Crash w/ property damage. Juvenile was charged with Criminal Mischief and Failure to Report Accident w/ property damage. Juvenile was released to a family member and Luckner was transported to the Palm Beach County Jail.
15-014909 Shots Fired/Suspicious Incident 302 W. Boynton Beach Blvd. 21:17 hours
Officers responded to the aforesaid location to a report of shots fired; however, after a canvas of the area and check of the local medical facilities – the incident was reclassified to a suspicious incident.
15-014911 Burglary to Auto 2018 S. Federal Hwy A106 2126 hours
Victim advised he left town on 03/30/2015 at approximately 0900 hours and return home on 04/07/2015 at 21:26 hours; at which time he noticed the glove box to his 2004 green Honda (bearing Fl. tag CLWT65) open and paper on the front seat. UNKNOWN subject(s) absconded with $20 in cash.
15-014924 Burglary to Auto NW 17th Avenue 23:26 hours
Victim advised she left her residence sometime between 04/07/15 at 18:30 hours and 04/07/15 22:00 hours. When she returned, she realized some paperwork (social security card and birth certificate) was missing from her 2003 green Nissan Altima (bearing Fl. tag 600 RKP).
15-014807 Agg. Battery 1633 N. Seacrest Blvd. 1045hrs
Officers responded to above address in ref. an agg. Battery. Investigation revealed suspect battered a pregnant female. Suspect had left the area prior to officer’s arrival. Charges pending.