19-046623 Robbery Strong/Arm (Old Navy) 373 N. Congress Avenue 1901 hours
B/F Larresa West was charged with Strong Arm Robbery, processed, TOT to PBCJ.
19-046544 Criminal Mischief/ Theft 215 High Point Blvd. 0738hrs.
Unknown suspect(s) broke the lock on the refrigerator located at the pool area and stole property from within. The property was located in the immediate area. At approximately 0550hrs an unknown W/M subject was found asleep on a lounge chair in the area, he was asked to leave by a representative of the development, the Police were not notified.
19-046554 Burglary (Auto) SE 29thAve. 0914hrs
Unknown suspect(s) entered the victim’s unlocked vehicle and stole property from within.
19-046555 Criminal Mischief SW 8th Ave. 0918hrs.
Between 0730hrs and 0900hrs this date and unknown suspect(s) threw a rock through the window of the victim’s vehicle, shattering the rear window and front windshield.
19-046568 Battery 4905 Park Ridge Blvd. 1109hrs.
Alexander Hall was arrested after investigation revealed that he battered another individual. Notice to Appear issued.
19-046402 Burglary to Residence NW 1st St 1551 hours
Officers responded to the above address in reference to a delayed burglary to the residence. The officers met with the resident who said that she left her residence during the morning hours for work. When she returned in the afternoon, she noticed her front door propped open. The resident then checked the interior of the home and discovered her 47 inch TV had been stolen. The victim also reported an XBOX gaming console as stolen.
19-046312 Overdose (Not Fatal) 130 SW 14thAve. 0623hrs.
19-046316 Burglary (Auto) 1429 NW 4thSt. 0703hrs.
Unknown suspect(s) entered the victim’s unsecured vehicle and stole property from within.
19-046331 Shoot into Unoccupied Vehicle N. Seacrest Blvd. 0806hrs.
Victim stated that sometime between 2130hrs on 08/16 and 0800hrs this morning unknown suspect(s) broke the driver and rear passenger window of their vehicle. The damage appeared to have been from a bullet and a 9mm casing was located near the vehicle.
19-046359 Burglary (Dwelling) NW 7thCt 1102hrs.
Victim stated that sometime between the hours of 1700 and 1930 on 08/16/2019 unknown suspect(s) stole property from her residence.
19-046375 Burglary (Auto) Shore Dr. 1244hrs.
Victim stated that unknown suspect(s) entered their vehicle and rummaged through the contents.
19-046380 Auto Theft 638 Shore Dr. 1332hrs.
2008 GMC Sierra, black in color, NJ tag XDCT77, was stolen from the residence driveway.
19-070622 Fighting No/weapons NW 11th Avenue and NW 3rd St 1744 hours
19-070637 Fighting No/weapons 235 NW 11th Avenue 1833 hours
Units responded both times to a large group of unruly subjects on both sides of 11th Avenue. No evidence of a crime, no cooperating witnesses.
19-046240 Shots Fired 805 New Lake Dr 2125 hours
BBPD units responded to a call of 4-6 shots fired. W/M Nathan Alvin Levenson 3/16/97 was arrested for unlicensed carrying of a concealed firearm subsequent to police response and investigation.
19-046266 City Ordinance Violation 1780 N Congress Avenue 2154 hours
W/F Christine Krongos 10-29-63 was arrested for open container after an employee found her unresponsive and passed out behind a garbage container in back of the business. She was transported by BBFD to hospital and given an NTA. Also note earlier response by BBPD and BBFD for same subject. (< 4 hours apart)
19-046264 Shots Fired 120 SE 1st St 2154 hours
An anonymous caller advised they heard approximately (2) shots in the area. BBPD units responded and canvassed the area. No evidence of a crime was found. Second anonymous witness advised possible fireworks.
19-046130 1122 hrs. Aggravated Assault (firearm) NE 10th Avenue
Three victims advised that an elderly, heavy-set black man began arguing with them independently. The suspect then pulled a small handgun from his waist and pointed it at each on threatening to kill them. A witness advised that the male left and discarded the handgun in the bushes. A K-9 search was conducted and a .25 caliber handgun was located. Ongoing investigation.