18-042856 Strong Arm Robbery 409 W. Boynton Beach Blvd 1825 hours
Officers responded to the above location in reference to a robbery. Officers were informed of a white male who just robbed the caller during the purchase of a firearm. Following a clothing description provided by Dispatch, Officers spotted the suspect on a bicycle a few blocks from the location of the incident. The suspect was detained and was subsequently identified by the victim. Officers obtained a self-incriminating statement from the suspect post-Miranda. The money taken during the robbery was recovered and the suspect, Michael David Payne, was arrested and transported to BBPD for processing. Payne was later turned over to the Palm Beach County Jail.
Officers responded to 1 non-fatal overdose during the shift.
18-42842 1620 hrs Attempted Armed Robbery 1394 W. Boynton Beach Blvd.
A Dunkin Donuts employee advised a H/M, 30-40 yoa, 5-08 to 5-10 in height, wearing a black shirt, gray shorts, black “bucket” hat with gray trim, attempted to rob the business as he instructed the employee to open the cash register. No gun was seen, but the subject advised he had one. The employee opened the register, but slammed it shut as the subject began to reach over the counter. The subject left the business on foot after the employee turned to run. Another employee followed after the male and observed him entering a silver Toyota Camry with FL tag #KAYW53. A detective and crime scene responded.
***Follow-up: The suspect was identified as Daniel Cruz 3-15-73. He was located driving a stolen vehicle by Riviera Beach Police Department. He was wearing the same clothes that he had on during the attempted robbery. Cruz confessed to the attempted robbery. He is a suspect is several other robberies in other cities in Palm Beach and Broward counties. Phenomenal work by Det. Charles Ramos and assistance from Riviera Beach Police, PBSO and West Palm Beach Police. This is was inter-agency teamwork is all about!
18-042707 Trafficking In Narcotics Hypoluxo Rd & Congress Ave 2110 hours
Officers were on patrol at the above location when a silver Honda Civic was spotted with an expired tag decal. A traffic stop was conducted and contact was made with the driver. During conversation, Officer Borrero detected the strong and distinctive odor of marijuana coming from within the vehicle. A search of the vehicle was then conducted and the following was recovered as a result: 59.3 grams of Alprazolam, 33 grams of Marijuana, 31.1 grams of Crack Cocaine, 25.4 grams of Heroin/Fentanyl, and 6 packets of “distilled THC” among other related paraphernalia. The driver and sole occupant, Julio Lorenzo Smith 07/04/80, was arrested and sent to the Palm Beach County Jail.
18-42604 0745 hrs Stolen Auto 9778 Nickels Blvd.
White 2018 Hyundai Sonata with FL tag #HBGM84 was reported stolen.
18-42615 1015 hrs Armed Burglary 2480 NW 2nd St.
Victim reported having recently met acquaintances visit him at his residence. Victim had left the residence with subjects in the early morning, however; he returned and found several items missing, specifically a Ruger .40 caliber firearm.
18-42619 1132 hrs Child Neglect Arrest 2821 S. Federal Hwy.
B/M, Cedrick R. Sherrod, JR., 11/21/95, was arrested for Child Neglect after a 4yoa and 2yoa juveniles were found wandering in an adjacent community for approximately 45 minutes. Officers found the defendant asleep at the hotel room he was patronizing. TOT PBCJ.
18-42646 1438 hrs Narcotic Arrest 1213 NW 4th St.
Officer Donnino arrested B/M, Ernest Roker, 09/24/73, after he was observed to be in possession of an open container of alcoholic beverage. Roker was subsequently found to be in possession of .1 grams of cocaine. TOT PBCJ.
18-42655 1516 hrs Police Assist F.H.P. I-95
Officers responded to shut down northbound I-95 traffic near Gateway and conduct traffic control at Gateway Overpass to expedite the emptying of traffic in northbound lanes that were unable to proceed north. A fuel Tanker Truck crashed along the sound barrier wall adjacent to Pine Point Villas, subsequently catching on fire and endangering the community as it initially appeared that it would breach the wall. Nearby units were evacuated until area was rendered safe.
18-42442 0949 hrs Burglary Business/Stolen Auto 4000 Thor Dr.
Two B/M’s wearing gray hoods and gray clothing were observed in video surveillance burglarizing the business, then stealing a gray Infiniti Q50 with FL tag #CQPZ31
18-42457 1254 hrs Overdose (Non-Fatal) 480 W. Boynton Beach Blvd.
Male subject found on bathroom floor unconscious from an apparent overdose. Narcan was administered by a concerned citizen and subject was revived. Subject transported to hospital where he will make a full recovery.
18-42503 1814 hrs verdose (Non-Fatal) 850 W. Gateway Blvd.
Female subject found on bathroom floor unconscious after Fire Rescue responded and breached the locked door. Subject was administered Narcan and transported to hospital where she will recover.