18-043079 2204 hours Poss. Of Contraband 209 NW 9th Ct.
Officers Autiello and Roedel were on an extra patrol inside of Sara Sims Park which closes at Dusk per City Ordinance. During the extra patrol they made contact with B/M Michael Smit,h who immediately took flight. While running; Smith discarded several 1×1 baggies which contained 1.4 grams of Heroin, 1.2 grams of Crack Cocaine, and .1 grams of MDMA. After a short foot pursuit Smith was apprehended. After being detained; officers backtracked, and recovered the aforementioned narcotics. Smith was charged accordingly and tot PBCJ. SIR in progress
Units conducted multiple extra patrols throughout shift in the 2400 blocks of S. Federal Hwy due to recent auto burglaries.
Multiple Burglary to Autos
1. 18-43116 2010 S. Federal Hwy Shattered front window
2. 18-43117 201 NE 18th Ave Shattered driver’s side window
3. 18-43122 2016 S. Federal Hwy Shattered driver’s side window
4. 18-43131 2442 S. Federal Hwy Shattered driver’s side window
5. 18-43138 2002 S. Federal Hwy (X2) Both vehicles unsecured
6. 18-43148 2442 S. Federal Hwy Shattered front and rear side passenger sides window
7. 18-43152 2002 S. Federal Hwy Unsecured
18-43121 0634hrs GTA 2016 S. Federal Hwy #206
Sometime between 1900hrs on 08/20/18 and today at 0600hrs, unknown suspect removed spare keys from inside of the victim’s white 2016 Chevy Malibu and took the vehicle without his permission.