17-072914 2205 hours Overdose Non-Fatal 3529 S. Federal Hwy #A.
17-072916 2220 hours Overdose Non-Fatal 220 SW 6th St.
17-072933 0029 hours Shots Fired 1721 Arezzo Circle.
Units responded to the area in reference to approximately eight gunshots heard in the area. Upon arrival units conducted a canvas search of the area which yielded negative results in locating any evidence which would have substantiated the call.
17-072945 0156 hours Overdose Non-Fatal 2861 S. Seacrest Blvd.
17-072863 Suspicious Incident 3175 E. Palm Dr. 1738 hours
The complainant contacted BBPD advising that while his children were playing in the front yard, a green Toyota Rav 4 driven by a black male pulled in front of his residence and attempted to entice his children into the vehicle. The children, ages 8, 10, and 13, advised that the driver pulled up, honked the horn, and stated “Hop in, hop in.” The children refused and the male drove away. The subject is described as a black male with short cropped hair and a beard, approx. 35-40 years old, speaking with a Haitian accent. They were unable to provide a tag for the vehicle but advised that it is a green, late 90’s model Rav 4 with gray plastic trim around the bottom and a “LOVE” sticker on the back window. A local BOLO was disseminated however the vehicle was not located. D-Bureau notified of the incident.
17-072891 Overdose (Fatal) 706 W. Boynton Beach Blvd. (Subway) 1945 hours
Officers responded to a CLS at Subway (706 W. BBB) and located w/m on the floor of the Men’s restroom unresponsive. Officers attempted life saving measures (Narcan and CPR) until BBFR arrived, who continued to provide care. He transported to Bethesda where he was eventually pronounced deceased. Det. Loshelder and CSI Eichorst responded to Subway to continue the investigation. A syringe was located in the restroom containing suspected narcotics. The Medical Examiner and Next of Kin were notified.
Units responded to 1 Non-fatal overdose (as of 2300 hrs.)
Numerous Auto Burglaries with shattered windows occurred during the night and discovered on A-1 shift.
17-72791 0925 BURG DELAYED 3315 S. FED HWY # H
17-72792 0954 BURG DELAYED 3345 S. FED HWY # D
17-72793 0957 BURG DELAYED 3345 S. FED HWY # I
17-72791 1000 BURG DELAYED 3315 S. FED HWY # C
17-72779 0820 BURG DELAYED 1115 VILLA LN
17-72786 0911 BURG DELAYED 1300 VILLA LN
17-72785 0912 BURG DELAYED 1302 VILLA LN
17-72787 0912 BURG DELAYED 1320 VILLA LN
17-72788 0913 BURG DELAYED 1310 VILLA LN
17-72806 1058 BURGDELAYED 318 VILLA CIR
17-72812 1144 BURG DELAYED 301 VILLA
17-72819 1310 BURG DELAYED 301 VILLA CIR
17-72813 1315 BURG DELAYED 1112 VILL LN
17-072730 2246 hours Overdose Non-Fatal 61 Meadows Drive.
Due to the Holiday Season, numerous retail thefts occurred:
17-072636 – Publix
17-072648 – Macy’s
17-072665 – Marshalls’
17-072669 – Kohl’s
17-072715 – Toy R Us
17-072689 – Macy’s
17-072681 – Walmart
17-072694 – Target
17-072714 – Presidente Supermarket
17-072572 Shots Fired N Federal Hwy & Oak St 0527hrs
2 calls were received in reference to shots fired. Shots were only heard and not seen. Officers canvassed the area and did not find any evidence of a shooting.
17-072618 Vehicle Burglary 3553 Jamestown Ln 1040hrs
2011 black Toyota Tacoma AUPQ75 was broken into while parked in front of the residence. Possible suspect caught on neighbors Ring doorbell camera. A latent print was also obtained.
17-072490 1945 hours Overdose Fatal 9818 Nickels Blvd Unit 1106.
Units responded to the above address in reference to a CLS. Upon arrival they located a 30 yoa b/m unconscious and unresponsive. Medical attention was provided by both BBFR and BBPD however they were unable to resuscitate him. Both the Detective Bureau and CSI responded. All evidence in the case indicates the decedent expired from an apparent overdose.
17-072516 2150 hours Shooting 2401 NE 4th St.
Units responded to the above address in reference to a shooting. Upon arrival units were advised via witness a light in color GMC pickup truck had fired multiple rounds at the aforementioned address. Witness advised the pickup truck subsequently fled the area towards Gateway Blvd. Units attempted to search the area but met with negative results in locating the suspect vehicle. Units located fragments of a projectile and an entry hole which struck the victim’s Toyota Rav 4. NOI at this time. CSI responded.
17-072465 Aggravated Assault 544 E Gateway Blvd. 1725 hours
B/M Jean A. Fortune, was arrested after threatening B/M Jean Destine with a loaded Springfield XD firearm. This incident was witnessed and recorded by another subject in front of the Coin Laundry. Fortune was later TOT PBCJ.
17-069422 Suspicious Incident/Shots Fired Ezell Hester/ 1901 N. Seacrest Blvd. 2018 hours
Officers responded to the area reference multiple gun shots heard within the area. A check of the area resulted in negative evidence, victims, or witnesses. Local hospitals checked.
Officers responded to 1 non-fatal overdoses during the course of the shift.
17-72345 Burglary Vehicle 400 NE 15th Ct 0601hrs
97 white Ford F-150 was broken into between 1630 on 12/14/17 hours and 0530 today (12/15/17). Multiple power tools and a laptop computer were stolen from the vehicle.
Officers responded to 1 non-fatal overdose.

17-072260 1927 hours Traffic Crash (THI) 3500 N Congress Avenue
Officers responded to a five (5) car traffic crash at Meadows Blvd and N Congress Avenue. It is believed that the male driver of one of the involved vehicles was standing outside of his disabled vehicle when it was rear-ended by another vehicle. The male had injuries to his leg and pelvis. BBFR transported him to Delray Trauma. THI Unit and crime Scene Unit responded to the scene.
17-072314 2357 hours Burglary (Auto) 801 N Congress Avenue
17-072318 0023 hours Burglary (Auto) 801 N Congress Avenue
17-072319 0023 hours Burglary (Auto) 801 N Congress Avenue
17-072320 0023 hours Burglary (Auto) 801 N Congress Avenue
Victim reported that between 2300 hours and 2355 hours his gray Ford Fusion and several other vehicles were broken into. While investigating this incident officers located 3 other car burglaries.