15-061566 Burglary of Conveyance – Arrest 546 Manatee Bay Drive
Officers responded to the aforesaid address in reference to a vehicle burglary in progress. As officers arrived; the witness advised that she could see a B/M (described wearing a red shirt and having long dreadlocks), inside her neighbor’s vehicle. In a collaborative effort, Bravo 3/4 officers quickly responded and set up a perimeter in preparation for the K9 unit. Their combined efforts were beneficial; as a result, officers located B/M D’ondre Johnson (20 YOA), who matched the description provided. The witness provided a positive show-up identification of Johnson. The defendant was arrested for burglarizing two (2) vehicles and was subsequently transported to the Palm Beach County Jail, without incident.
15-61424 0953 hrs Burglary Auto NE 26th Ave.
Victim reported unknown person entered her vehicle between 0015 and 0950 hours and removed her In-dash Pioneer CD player and several children’s toys.
15-61423 0948 hrs Battery LEO 1394 W. Boynton Beach Blvd.
Witness observed a male that appeared to be under the influence of narcotics. Upon arrival, Officer Gray located the male, later identified as W/M, Andrew Troxel, 10/28/94. The male appeared confused and was barking, but complied and sat down as requested. After informing Officer Gray of several narcotics he recently used the male became agitated. Troxel suddenly jumped up and charged Officer Gray, grabbing his lower legs. Officer Gray delivered several palm heel strikes to Troxel’s body that did not have any effect. He was then able to pull away, creating enough distance to utilize his Taser. Upon being tased, Troxel fell to the ground and was handcuffed. BBFR responded to provide medical treatment to Troxel and was taken to BMH. Upon clearance, TOT PBCJ.
15-61440 1136 hrs Burglary Auto 3059 Waterside Cir.
Victim reported unknown person entered their unsecured vehicle and removed his wallet from the center console between 12/20 at 2100 hours and 0910 hours this morning. The wallet had a credit card in it that was used at a Boynton Beach Walmart prior to the account being closed.
15-61466 1400 hrs Hit and Run 1500 S. Congress Ave.
A black Dodge Charger with FL tag 130HBB struck a vehicle at 1500 S. Congress Ave. and continued driving. Victim followed the vehicle into Savannah Lakes where the vehicle drove through some bushes and struck a parked vehicle at the pool parking lot. Two occupants exited and ran. The suspects were observed entering a nearby residence, then exited with a resident. The resident allegedly assisted the males by driving them out of the area, however; the resident denied helping. A firearm was located in the Charger and was recovered. Investigation is on-going.
15-61312 1622hrs Possession of Cocaine/Possession of Heroin
W/F Craft, Jordan DOB 02-29-96 was placed under arrest after investigation revealed she was in possession of crack cocaine, powder cocaine, heroin, and drug paraphernalia. Craft was TOT PBCJ.
15-61323 1722hrs Traffic Complaint 209 NW 9th Ct (Sara Sims)
Units responded to the area due to multiple off road vehicles riding through the park and up and down the streets causing a traffic hazard. Officers were able to standby the area and safely clear out the area without incident.
15-61376 2312hrs Suspicious Incident (Shots Fired/Block Party) 200 Ne 16th Ave
Officers responded to the area of 201 NE 16th Ave, in reference to possible shots fired. Due to the incident being at 201 NE 16th Ave and BBPD units already responding there for two prior incidents with a large block party, BBPD units met at 1919 N Seacrest Blvd prior to going on scene. After all units within the city of Boynton Beach arrived at 1919 N Seacrest Blvd we responded to the above address. Upon arrival at the above mentioned address it was observed that approximately 200 plus people within the roadway and in the yard of 201 NE 16th Ave causing a disturbance. They were informed over the loud speaker that the party was over and that they needed disperse. After numerous times of telling them to disperse, the party goers were not leaving. Due to the party goers not leaving, we turned on our emergency equipment. At that time, most of the party goers decided to leave. It should be noted that while we were clearing the party out, we were also attempting to locate any possible victims but came back with negative results. The local hospitals were also notified and no one came in with gunshot wounds. We also did not locate any crime scene in reference to the shots fired. After approximately 45 minutes, the party goers finally left without further incident.
16-61151 1632hrs Battery LEO BBPD Booking Area
Officer Picciano arrived to the Sally Port to assist Officer Mastro with a prisoner. Once inside the booking area the defendant W/F Erol-Rosa, Barbara DOB 07-30-77 suddenly stopped and turned attempting to spit into Officer Picciano’s face. Ofc. Picciano while trying to control the defendant’s upper body was bit by the defendant on the hand. At this time the defendant was forced to lie down on the bench by pulling her shoulders down. Officer Picciano advised that the bite mark did not break the skin. Erol-Rosa was TOT PBCJ.
15-61213 2254hrs Open House Party/RA without violence 2788 SW 10th St.
Units responded to area in reference to a traffic complaint. Upon arrival it was observed several vehicles (in excess of 100 vehicles) parked along both sides of the roadway making it impossible for an emergency vehicle to travel freely through the roadway. Officers located an open house party at 2788 SW 10th St. At this time contact with the owner of the party, W/F Christine Matchton and her son. Both parties advised they would have the vehicles moved immediately. While Officers were standing by while the vehicles were moved, officers observed several individuals exiting the residence with alcoholic beverages within their possession. Further, the smell of marijuana was extremely strong emanating from the property. Christine also advised most of the party patrons were high school students and further stated the party got out of control very fast. With Christine’s permission, Officers Picciano and Grigorian responded to the backyard of the residence to clear out the rest of the party patrons. At this time, approximately 200 people were observed in the backyard several consuming alcohol and some smoking suspected marijuana. Contact was made with party bouncer, W/M Francisco Renta Jr. It should be noted that while speaking with Renta, he advised that he was hired to provide security for the party. Sgt. Antico then gave Renta a lawful command to leave the property; Renta disregarded Sgt. Antico command and remained on the property. At this time, officers attempted to escort Renta off the property which he physically resisted my attempts. After a brief struggle, Renta was detained and placed under arrest for Resisting Arrest. Also after further investigatio,n Christine did unlawfully and willfully, allow an open house party to take place at said residence where alcoholic beverages and illegal drugs were being possessed and consumed at said residence. Based on the aforementioned I found probable cause to charge Christine Matchton with Open house party. Christine was processed and released from the scene with a Notice to Appear in court.
15-061079 1020 hours Grand Theft 3400 Old Boynton Road. (Public Storage)
Victim stated that she was removing items from a storage locker when she saw W/M Brian Rivero attempt to steal a painting valued at $1,500 that was leaning against the wall. The victim pursued Rivero, catching him and recovering the painting. Family members detained Rivero until the police arrived. Officers investigated and found that Rivero might actually be living in one the units. Management was notified and Rivero was arrested for Grand Theft.
15-061013 0545 hours Burglary Auto 710 NE 7th Street
Officers located burglarized vehicle as a result of a neighborhood canvas. Unknown suspects forced entry into a 2015 Cadillac and removed cash and miscellaneous items values at $400. Blood evidence was recovered. Additional case cards were left for vehicles that were open and unsecured which may have been burglarized.
15-060944 2004 hours Burglary to Auto 2480 N Seacrest Blvd.
Unknown person(s) burglarized two vehicles sometime between December 16, 2015, at approximately 1800 hours, to this date 0800 hours. A black 2014 Chevrolet Camaro SS and a 2014 Dodge Avenger were the vehicles identified. The Camaro sustained damage to the driver side door and couldn’t close properly due to being pried open (est damage $300). A minor possible pry mark was located on the Avenger. Nothing appeared stolen from within either vehicle.
15-060968 2051 hours GTA/ Recovered 105 SE 4th Avenue
Victim advised his 2013 Ford Fiesta bearing Florida Tag #CWKR24 was stolen from his driveway, between approximately 1630 and 1900 hours, of this date. Lantana Police Department recovered the vehicle unoccupied.