14-53109 Transit Fare1475 W. Gateway Blvd
Michael Perdikakis was arrested when he refused to pay his taxi bill of $300.00. He was TOT PBCJ.
14-53137 Drug paraphernalia/DWLS 1000 SE 4th St.
Frank Greico was arrested after investigation revealed that he was operating his vehicle with a suspended D/L. Search incident to arrest located a crack pipe and push rod. Greico was given an NTA and released at the scene.
14-53151 Filing a False Police Report 1300 N. Seacrest Blvd
Marni Ellen Rogalsky was arrested when units responded to her location because someone had just “robbed” her of her purse and keys. Rogalsky advised that she was stopped by a b/m who was in the roadway and at that time he reached into her vehicle and stole her purse and keys. She was able to rip his shirt off as she fought for her purse. Units set up a perimeter and K-9 searched with negative results. It was later learned that it was drug deal gone bad. She was processed and given an NTA.
14-53158 Shooting 100 blk NE 27th Ave
Two individuals were shot and transported to Bethesda and DMC. Investigation is still ongoing as of this writing.
14-053026 0833hrs CCF/ Poss. of Marijuana <20gr 1901 N Congress
Contact was made with Jeffrey Alerte, who was seated inside of his vehicle. Further investigation revealed that he was in possession of marijuana and a concealed Ruger LC9 handgun. Alerte did not have a concealed weapons permit. He was later forwarded to CJ.
14-053050 1106hrs Burglary to Residence 128 NE 11th Ave
Sometime between 11.28.14 at 1545hrs and todays date, an unknown person(s) entered the above residence via an open window and removed the air handler. In addition, they removed the outside air unit.