15-058195 Burglary of Conveyance – Arrest 5 Glamis Way
Officers responded to the aforesaid address in reference to a vehicle burglary in progress. As officers arrived; the victim, W/M Arturo Simon, advised that he could see a B/M (described wearing a red shirt and black pants), via surveillance cameras, inside his vehicle. In a collaborative effort, Bravo 3/4 officers quickly responded and set up a perimeter. Their combined efforts were beneficial; as a result, officers located B/M James Leocal, who matched the description provided. Simon provided a positive show-up identification of Leocal; which was later supported by the surveillance footage. The defendant was arrested for burglarizing the victims’ vehicle and was subsequently transported to the Palm Beach County Jail, without incident.
15-58052 0811 hrs Burglary Auto NE 16th Ave.
Victim reported unknown person stole a Smith&Wesson M&P .45cal firearm from a rental vehicle he was driving while visiting the residence between 11/26 and 11/29. No suspect information. Firearm entered FCIC/NCIC.