14-53456 1831 hrs Battery on LEO 2815 S. Seacrest Blvd
W/F Angela Duke DOB 08-31-81 was arrested for Felony Retail Theft from JC Penney’s and Victoria Secrets (14-053456 and 14-053425) and later transported to booking. While in booking, she appeared to be nodding off and at times had to be held up from falling forward on her face. She was then transported to Bethesda for medical clearance. While at Bethesda, Duke became highly combative and belligerent, by yelling and cursing at Officer Davis and medical staff. She was warned several times to lower her voice but ignored this request and continued. Several minutes later she began, again, verbally abusing staff and cursing loudly disturbing other patients. Officer Davis stood up and began to walk to the door, in order to tell Duke to calm down but when he did, Duke lifted her body upright from a sitting position and spit at Officer Davis striking him in the leg. Due to her actions, Duke was charged with Battery on a LEO and TOT PBCJ.
14-53392 1126 hrs Burglary Auto 1500 SW 8th St.
Two cabin windows of a semi-truck were stolen sometime between November 28 and today’s date.
14-53409 1251 hrs Burglary/Stolen Firearm 4471 Royal Manor Blvd.
A pearl handled, nickel plated 1927 S&W .38 was stolen from victim’s vehicle sometime within the last two weeks. No FCIC/NCIC entry.
14-53284 burglary Auto 3625 S Federal Hwy
Victim advises that he parked his vehicle around 1800hrs and returned approximately 30 minutes later to discover that an unknown person/s entered his vehicle and stole $440.00 worth of his belongings.
14-53322 Poss. Of cocaine/Fleeing and Eluding 600 E Woolbright Road
Sean Obrien was arrested when he decided to try eluding the officer on his scooter through a parking lot. He finally pulled over and was about to make a run for it when the officer detained him. Search incident to arrest cocaine and Schedule II and IV drugs were found on his person which he was charged for as well. He was processed and taken to PBCJ.
14-53323Poss. Of contraband 2815 S Seacrest Blvd
BBFD received a phone call in reference to a male lying in the ambulatory section of the green lot of Bethesda Hospital not breathing. Officers located w/m Brandon Barao unconscious possibly overdosed. BBFD administered Narcam which quickly revitalized Barao. Once inside Bethesda a clear plastic baggie fell out of his pocket which contained crack cocaine. After being treated, he was arrested and transported to PBCJ.