16-011639 1756hrs Burglary to Residence NW 1st Ct
Contact was made with victim who stated that on 02-26-2016 he was doing work on his residence and left at about 1800 hours and he closed the gate prior to leaving. Once he arrived today at about 1730 hours he noticed his gate opened and that his power was out. Once he walked to the rear of the residence he noticed his power meter was missing from his wall. Nothing else was missing.
16-011660 2042hrs Aggravated Battery LEO 511 NE 4th St
Officers responded to Twisted Fish, located at 511 Northeast 4th Street, in reference to an intoxicated male, later identified as W/M Miguel Francisco-Mendez (DOB 02/09/87) The subject was said to be causing a disturbance at the above establishment. Officers made contact with Francisco-Mendez just outside of the bar. Francisco-Mendez was acting belligerent and refused to listen to any verbal commands that were given several times by ignoring officers, being verbally combative and attempting to walk away. Based off the observations made by officers, Mendez was placed under arrest for disorderly intoxication. Officer A. Vargas transported Francisco-Mendez to the Boynton Beach Police Department booking area. As they arrived, Officer A. Vargas asked Francisco-Mendez to exit the rear portion caged portion of the police vehicle which he refused and would not compile. Officer A. Vargas was forced to assist and remove Francisco-Mendez from the vehicle in order to bring in into the booking area. As Officer A. Vargas began to walk Francisco-Mendez into the booking area near the metal gun locker, Francisco-Mendez took a step closer to the gun locker by pulling away from Officer A. Vargas and slamming the left portion of his head up against the metal locker. Due to his behavior Francisco-Mendez was placed in the restraint chair. As Officer A. Vargas was attempting to restrain his legs to properly place him in the restraint chair, Francisco-Mendez proceeded to spit in Officer A. Vargas’s face. At this time, Francisco-Mendez was properly placed into the restraint chair and a spit mask was issued for him to prevent any further spitting. Francisco was TOT PBCJ.
16-0011591 1303 hours Grand Theft Auto 3000 SE 1st Place
Victim stated that sometime between 0400hrs – 1100hrs this morning unknown suspect(s) stolen his black 2015 Veloz 50cc motor scooter (FL #4021RP) form his driveway. The vehicle information was entered into NCIC/FCIC.
16-011575 1156 hours Burglary to Auto (Delayed) 2460 Crabapple Circle (Quail Run)
Victim stated that sometime between 02/26/16 at 0100hrs and 0945hrs this morning unknown suspect(s) burglarized her silver 2009 Nissan Altima (FL #RJM943). The victim advised that over 50 CD’s, 2 pair of sunglasses, 2 phone chargers, and her vehicle registration were stolen ($1,300 total loss).
16-011358 0430 hours Burglary Auto (Attempt) 320 NE 13th Ave.
Victim reported hearing his car alarm go off and when he investigated found that someone had attempted entry by prying the window off the track. Entry was not made and nothing was removed from the vehicle.
16-011360 0445 hours Burglary Auto (Attempt) 1621 Stonehaven Drive
Victim reported that between 2100 and 0430 hours unknown persons attempted to enter her vehicle by prying the door lock. In addition the suspects damaged her side view mirror. Entry was not made and nothing appeared to be missing.
16-011382 1000 hours Burglary Residence 422 SW 4th Avenue.
Victim reported that between 1900 and 0900 hours unknown persons breached the chain link fence surrounding the yard and then forced open the shed removing numerous pieces of lawn equipment valued at $1,000.
16-0011105 0700 hours Burglary Business 2443 Quantum Blvd (National Assemblers)
Victim stated that at approximately 0200 hours an unknown suspect entered by smashing the glass in the front business. The suspect was described as an unknown race, male, wearing a dark color long sleeve shirt, gray shorts or possibly rolled up, baggie sweatpants, black socks, possibly sneakers with white bottom soles, dark color baseball cap, white gloves or socks on his hands and some type of cloth on his face used to conceal his identity. The suspect removed numerous items including files and laptops. The business is still in the process of determining the extent of the items taken.
16-011163 1300 hours Grand Theft Auto 3400 Old Boynton Road (Public Storage)
Victim stated that between 1300 and 1700 hours yesterday, unknown suspects stole her black 2015 Tao Tao motor scooter (no tag, VIN L9NPEACB4F1009842) from the parking lot of the business. The vehicle was entered into NCIC/FCIC.
16009810 1848 hours Poss. of Heroin / Poss. Of Paraphernalia Wal-Mart 3625 S. Federal Hwy.
While conducting an extra patrol in the Wal Mart parking lot both Ofc. Esteves and Ofc. Loshelder observed a Black 2010 Toyota Sedan (MA tag: 921ZP8) with its lights off and engine running. Upon closer inspection-both officers witnessed the lone w/f occupant tying a make shift tourniquet around her arm and holding a hypodermic syringe in her hand. It appeared the occupant was readying to inject an illicit intravenous narcotic. The w/f now identified as Emily J. Brennan was subsequently ordered out of the vehicle and detained. Further investigation through field testing revealed the substance in the syringe to be Heroin. Search incident to arrest yielded an additional three capsules of Heroin, and a makeshift “Crack Pipe”. Brennan was charged with Possession of Contraband and Drug Paraphernalia-she was subsequently processed and tot PBCJ.
16-10842 0559 hours Armed Robbery 2500 SW 19th Ave.
Victim was walking westbound at 2500 Block SW 19th Ave. when she was approached by three B/M’s. She was ordered to get on the ground and placed an object against her back and was told it was a firearm. They took her cell phone, fanny pack, and several keys. The suspects then ran eastbound. Each suspect was medium height, thin build, wearing dark clothing, and black masks. No injuries reported.
16-10947 1214 hours Occupied Burglary NE 4th Ct.
Victim was in the backyard doing laundry with one of her grandchildren and went inside the residence to check on a sleeping child. As she passed a bathroom she observed an unknown tall B/M, wearing dark clothing, hiding within. The subject fled through an exterior door located in the bathroom and was not located. There was a delay in reporting the incident for several minutes due to the victim calling a family member first. The bathroom door was left unlocked preceding the incident. Several rings were stolen from the bathroom.