19-011011 Agg. Assault Cutting Inst. Via De Casa Sur 1720 hours
Officers were dispatched to the above address to investigate an assault allegation. The officers made contact with a resident who claimed to be the victim of a knife attack. The officers thoroughly investigated the allegation and concluded that no evidence existed to support any criminal charges. The officers provided other needed assistance in order to maintain the peace in the home. The officers subsequently left the residence without incident.
19-10907 Non-Fatal OD 2821 S Federal Hwy. 0712 hours
W/F was located in room A304 suffering from an OD. Officers administered Naloxone and she began to recover. She was TOT Bethesda and is expected to survive.
19-10914 Auto Burglary 200 E. Ocean Ave. 0724 hours
Overnight to a white Dodge Ram.
19-10937 Accident 123 N Congress Ave Carvel 0943 hours
Elderly female trying to park her vehicle hit the gas instead of the brake and drove through the front of Carvel Ice Cream. She also damaged the empty business next door. No injuries. Building inspector responded. Rep responded and is working on securing the business.