15-5568 Disorderly Conduct 4746 N. Congress Ave
Steven Shelly was arrested due to him causing a disturbance within the bar causing other patrons to become upset and his refusal to leave when asked by management. In addition, he was charged with the warrant below.
15-5573 Warrant Arrest 4746 N. Congress Ave
Steven Shelly was arrested an FTA-traffic court. He was taken to PBCJ.
15-5485 0953hrs Carrying Concealed Firearm 500 Via Lugano Cir.
Officers responded to 500 Via Lugano Circle, in reference to an ALS. Dispatch advised that the complainant was walking his dog and saw a car with the door open, running and a guy lying in the front seat. The subject was unresponsive but breathing. Upon arrival, Officers observed the vehicle in question and the subject who was lying back in the driver’s side seat asleep. After contact was made, officers noticed a strong order of marijuana coming out of the vehicle and the butt of a hand gun next to the subject. After ordering him out of the vehicle, it was learned that the gun (Glock 27/40 Cal) was reported stolen out of PBSO in 2011. Marijuana was also located in the vehicle. The subject later identified as b/m Delson Marc d.o.b. 02-04-87, was charged accordingly and TOT PBCJ.
15-5375 1221 hrs Burglary Auto 43 Heather Cove Dr.
Victim reported unknown person entered the unsecured vehicle between 2100 hours last night and 1130 hours today, taking several flashlights, hunting knife, ASP baton, and a Monte Blanc pen from within the vehicle.
15- 5321 0045hrs 3201 #B Park Lane Warrant/DWLS
Based off a citizen complaint from a concerned resident from Pine Point Villas in reference to a Mr. Hill who was possibly driving around the neighbor intoxicated and involved in suspicious activity Officer Davis and Detective Brown conducted an extra patrol in Pine Point Villas to see if they could observe any of these activities. Before Officer Davis and Detective Brown entered Pine Point Villas they were able to get the full name of the suspect W/M Hill, Joseph DOB 02-03-53. Officer Davis then ran Hill through NCIC/FCIC and it was determined that Hill had two outstanding warrants one for DUI and the other for DWLS. Once that information was learned Officer Davis and Detective Brown went to the residence for a warrant pickup, however no one answered the door, but they could see someone inside. Officer Davis then sat and watched the residence and then approx. 10 minutes later he observed Hill exited the residence, enter a vehicle and leave the community. A traffic stop was conducted and contact was made with Hill. Hill was placed under arrest for the outstanding warrants and also charged with DWLS. Hill was TOT PBCJ.
15-005196 0734 hrs Burglary Auto 817 SE 4th St.
Victim reported unknown person entered their vehicle between 2300 hours and 0700 hours, removing a laptop and cellphone accessories.
15-005229 1139 hrs AOD School Police Congress Middle School
Officers responded to assist school police in a Code Red reference the finding of a single round of .22 caliber ammunition within the building. School Police continued investigation and determined there were no further issues. Two officers remained on-scene to assist with parent traffic caused by the lockdown.