18-003097 Aggravated/Assault Firearm 12:45 hours
While investigating a noise the victim found his ex-girlfriend B/F Jacorey M Riddick standing in the hallway of his home with a gun in her hand. After the victim told Riddick to leave his residence she walked out of the home while recording the incident on her cell phone. Prior to leaving the area Riddick pointed the gun through the blinds of a broken window while yelling profanities. Later Riddick posted the incident on Snap Chat. Riddick was located in front of her own residence where she was placed under arrest and transported to BBPD. B/F Jacorey M Riddick was charged with Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon (Domestic Related), Armed Burglary, and Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon; and turned over to PBCJ.
18-003151 Suspicious/Shots Fired 1637 NE 4th St 17:21 hours
BBPD units responded to the area of 1637 NE 4th St in reference to possible 4-5 shots fired in the area. BBPD units canvassed the area however no crime scene or victim/witnesses were located.
18-003046 0900 hours Burglary Structure 1401 Neptune Drive (SIR Electric).
Victim reported that unknown suspects entered the fenced compound located at the business and appeared to be searching for copper material in several of the containers located there. The suspects cut padlocks but did not appear to be successful in the search.
The platoon responded to 2 non-fatal overdoses during the course of the shift.
18-002940 1725 hours Aggravated Assault Firearm 513 N. Federal Hwy.
Units responded to the above address in reference to a shooting. Upon arrival they located one alleged victim at Buds Chicken and another at 238 NE 7th Ave. Both stated two unknown suspects exited a Black Toyota Camry and began shooting at them; upon sight of the firearm both fled in opposite directions. Neither victim was injured during the aforementioned incident. Investigation ongoing.
18-002947 1815 hours Overdose Non-Fatal 16205 Mahogany Dr.
18-002754 1633 hours Traffic Accident/THI (Serious Bodily Injury) 3600 S. Congress Ave.
Units responded to the above address in reference a traffic crash involving three vehicles. Based on the significance of injury to one party he was deemed a trauma alert. The roadway was subsequently closed for several hours due to an on-going THI investigation. The injured party is currently in critical condition at DTC.
18-002790 2050 hours Overdose Non-Fatal x 2 109 E. BBB.
18-002688 Disturbance/Susp. Incident 305 NE 13th Ave 0715hrs
Officers responded to a report of a group of armed subjects in front of this location. This information was also confirmed by a passerby who flagged down an officer in the area. As units arrived on scene multiple subjects who had been standing by a white 17 Toyota Camry (FL tag GIHP42) registered to Enterprise Rent a Car, quickly walked into the residence. Officers did not observe anyone armed upon their arrival and they were not able to make contact with anyone in the residence. The vehicle was subsequently towed as it was running and was not claimed by anyone on scene. Multiple scheduled narcotic pills were located in the center console and were entered into evidence as found property.
18-002541 Stolen Auto 412 E. Ocean Ave. 1249 hours
The victim advised that she left her 2007 green Nissan Altima (FL-tag CMTU47) parked at the in the above mentioned parking lot overnight on the evening of Jan. 10th. When she returned the next day the vehicle was gone. Tow logs were negative for the vehicle and the owner is in possession of the only key. There was no surveillance footage of the area. Vehicle entered into NCIC/FCIC.
18-002591 DUI 639 E. Ocean Ave. 1649hours
Officers responded to the area in reference to a possible impaired driver. The caller advised that the suspect vehicle, a black Ford F-150, was possibly attempting to leave after having struck a light pole in the parking lot. Officers arrived on scene prior to the vehicle’s departure. Contact was made with the driver at which point Officer Castro began his DUI investigation. The driver was eventually taken into custody and transported to BBPD where he later provided breath samples of .356 and .358. He was transported to Bethesda for medical clearance and tot PBCJ.
18-002600 Train Fatality 600 N. FEC 1825 hours
Officers responded to the area in reference to a Bright Line passenger train versus a pedestrian. The decedent was located just east of the railroad tracks and north of NE 6th Ave. BBFR arrived shortly thereafter to pronounce the victim. D-Bureau, Crime Scene and Medical Examiner’s office responded. S
18-002626 Shooting 320 NE 13th Ave. 2150 hours
Officers responded to the area in reference to a report of shots fired. Contact was made with several residents who claimed to have heard the shooting but were unable to provide any suspect information. A canvass of the area yielded several homes struck by gunfire as well as a vehicle. The houses struck were 301, 302 and 305 NE 13th Ave. Based on the information provided by witnesses officers began to canvass to the south. At the intersection of NE 12th Ave. and NE 2nd St. officers located 50+ shell casings from several different caliber guns. There were also reports of rounds striking houses on NE 16th Ave. and NE 17th Ave. All area hospitals were contacted however no gunshot victims were located.
18-002496 Burglary Auto 316 SE 1st St 0715hrs
Officers responded to a delayed vehicle burglary where a 2011 Kia Soul was unlawfully entered into after being left unsecured.
18-002498 Child Neglect 2240 N Federal Hwy 0822hrs
Officers responded to a call where 3 children were seen unsupervised at Intracoastal Park. The investigation revealed that b/m Antwan Willingham had intentionally left his girlfriend’s children (2yo, 5yo, & 7yo) at the park after a verbal argument on the phone with her. Willingham was arrested and TOT PBCJ.
Officers responded to 1 non-fatal overdose.
18-002417 1722 hours Possession of Narcotics 2296 SE 4th Street
NIU agents conducted a traffic stop on a light blue 2017 Chevy Malibu bearing FL tag INSX01. A strong odor of marijuana was detected emanating from the car. The driver, b/m Omar Denson DOB 07-06-79 exited the car although several verbal commands were given for him to stay in the car. Denson attempted to flee on foot as officers grabbed him. Denson was tased however he fell into the doorway of 2296 SE 4th Street and the door closed behind him. A perimeter was set up and SWAT called as officers were unsure whose residence this was. Eventually Denson surrendered without the use of SWAT and was taken into custody. A search warrant was granted for the car and the residence as it turned out to be his girlfriend’s apartment. NIU agents located 6.3 grams of heroin, 126.8 grams of cocaine, 4.3 grams of marijuana, 2.0 grams of hash, and $6K in cash from the search.
18-002462 2241 hours Shots Fired 3155 Orange Street
Officers responded to the area in reference to a report of 4 gun shots heard. Officers did not locate any victims, witnesses, or shell casings. An unregistered white 2001 Mercury Gran Marquis parked outside the residence had what appeared to be a bullet hole to the rear window.