Traffic Selective Enforcement 1100 Old Boynton Rd. 12 Citations Issued.
16-002025 1119 hours Burglary Business. 4885 Park Ridge Blvd.(Davco Electrical Contractors)
Victim stated unknown individuals forced open a locked mailbox in the last three days. It is unknown what was taken. Postal inspector notified.
16-002020 0545 hours Burglary Residence(Attempt) NE 15th Ct.
Victim stated that between 0730 and 1015 hours unknown persons attempted to pry the front door from the frame but did not make entry. It appears a flat head screw driver was used to attempt entry.
16-001850 1200 hours Burglary Business(Delayed) 1901 N. Seacrest Blvd.(Ezell Hester)
Todd Johnson stated that between 01-09-16 at this date unknown suspects entered the football equipment room and removed and destroyed numerous items. Total Loss $1,000.
16-001856 1213 hours Burglary Business 3008 S. Congress Ave.(Zips Car Wash)
Victim stated that an unknown suspect entered the business and stole cash and merchandise. Video surveillance shows a tall white male enter the store. The victim believes it may be an ex-employee with a key, but could not positively ID the individual. Total Loss $2,950.
16-001832 0730 hours Burglary Business 2017 High Ridge Road(Puradyn Filter Tech).
Victim stated that over the weekend unknown suspects forced open a standalone mailbox that services all the business located in the building. At this time it is unknown what was taken and how many businesses were affected. It should be noted that other mailboxes in the area were located. US Postal Service notified of the incidents and will be responding.