15-2421 0913 hrs Burglary to Auto 614 Buttonwood Ln
Sometime between 2130 hrs on 01.17.15 and 0930 hrs this date, an unknown person(s) forced open the driver’s side window and lock of a 2012 Kia Optima and removed several items.
15-2430 0955 hrs Burglary to Auto 16311 Mahogany Dr.
Sometime between 2030 hrs on 01.17.15 and 0930 this date, an unknown person(s) smashed out the passenger side window of a 2006 red Acura and removed several items.
15-2438 1122 hrs Vandalism Boynton Estates 8350 Lawrence Rd.
Over the course of this weekend, an unknown person(s) spray painted several markings on the walkway to include the name of serial killers Jeffrey Dahmer and Ted Bundy.
15-2445 1227 hrs Burglary to Auto 100 NW 19th Ave
Sometime between 0900 and 1227 hrs on this date, an unknown person(s) broke the rear driver’s side window of a 2002 Ford F-150 and removed a Samsung Galaxy S5.
15-002323 Possession Cocaine 400 N. I-95 1531hrs
Marc Musa (w/m, DOB: 08.16.69) was observed driving recklessly while on I-95 travelling Southbound. A traffic stop was conducted and contact was made. Specs of white powder were observed under Musa’s nose and on his cheek. Granules on the driver seat were located and tested positive for cocaine. A cigarette pack from the center ceiling console contained a plastic baggie containing 2.6 grams of powdered cocaine. Musa was taken to BBPD for processing and later TOT the PBCJ.
15-002343 Disorderly Intox 301 N. Fed. Hwy. (CVS) 1621hrs
Contact was made with Mark Wellborn (w/m, DOB: 03.10.55) who was initially sleeping on a bench near the roadway. Wellborn smelled of an alcoholic beverage and had very slurred speech. Wellborn became belligerent and began yelling obscenities for no reason. After repeated warnings for Wellborn to cease his actions, he continued to cause a disturbance and was subsequently placed under arrest. Wellborn was taken to BBPD for processing and later TOT the PBCJ.
15-002370 Reck. Driving, RA w/o, Tres. Convey. 130 NE 10th Ave. 2158hrs
B/F Juvenile was observed operating a vehicle without headlights and speeding in the area. Due to the excessive speed she was traveling, she was unable to negotiate the turn onto NE 13th Ave. from NE 2nd St. when her vehicle left the roadway and struck the carport of 240 NE 13th Ave. Upon the arrival of law enforcement, an unidentified b/m juvenile (wearing a gray t-shirt and black basketball-style shorts) fled from the passenger front seat of the vehicle as the driver quickly jumped from the driver’s seat in an attempt to deceive officers of her control of the vehicle and into the back seat with the other two juvenile passengers. An F/NCIC check of records revealed the vehicle was reported stolen out of Delray Beach. As such, all three juveniles were charged with trespass conveyance. The driver was additionally charged for driving without a license, reckless driving with property damage, and resisting w/o violence. A search of the vehicle incident to arrest revealed a small brown zipper purse belonging to one of the juvenile’s that contained 1.1g (NET) of marijuana. All three juveniles were taken to BBPD, processed, and later TOT their respective parents’ custody.
15-002389 Possession Narcotics 400 S. Fed. Hwy 2357hrs
Christy L. Abrams (w/f, DOB: 08-01.89) was observed committing a traffic infraction at the above location. Consent was given to search the vehicle and .3 grams of Alprazolam were located in a coin purse in the front passenger seat. Abrams was taken to BBPD for processing and later TOT the PBCJ.
Road Closures MLK Parade 14:30 hrs to 17:30 hrs
On 01/17/14 the following road was closed for the MLK parade. The road closure originating at Carolyn Sims Center NW 1st Street down Martin Luther King Jr Blvd., to Rail Road Avenue.
15-002259 08:22 hours Burglary Res Non-Force Entry 1705 Boynton Bay Ct.
BBPD responded to 1705 Boynton Bay Ct in reference to a burglary complaint. The complainant advised sometime between 1/14/15 at 06:30 hrs. and 01/17/2015 at 08:22 hrs. unknown suspect(s) entered her apartment and absconded with jewelry and personal belongings valued at $934.
15-002306 13:30 hours Burglary to residence – Forced 3700 Newport Avenue
BBPD units responded to 3700 Newport Avenue in reference to a delayed burglary complaint. The homeowners were notified by a pool maintenance guy after he noticed the back sliding glass window was shattered to the residence. The residence was cleared by BBPD units. Unknown suspect(s) entered the residence sometime between 01/06/2015 11:00 hours and 13:00 hours. The owners were out of town and it is unknown whether anything was taken from the residence.
15-2154 Warrant 3200 S. Congress Ave
Ashley Heiser was arrested for an outstanding warrant. She was turned over to PBCJ.
15-2156 Burglary 3865 Providence Rd
Victim advised that between 0915-1600hrs this date an unknown suspect/s entered the residence and removed approximately $2290.00 worth of property. There was no forced entry and victim advised he may have left the front door unlocked.
15-2191 Poss. Heroin/paraphernalia 300 NW 3rd St.
Lt. Bonafair observed two individuals walking behind a closed business. Lt. Bonafair approached said individuals and Jason Stoddart reached into his pocket and attempted to discard a small plastic baggie of heroin. Stoddart also had in his possession paraphernalia. Stoddart was arrested and taken to PBCJ.
15-002085 0727hrs Auto Theft 89 Las Brisas
Victim stated that she parked her 2010 Toyota Prius (Fl tag 218KJZ) in the driveway at 2330hrs on 01/15/15 and noticed it missing at approximately 0715hrs.
15-002038 17:59 Hours Burglary Residence 32 Paxford Ln.
Victim advised that the residence is a rental property that is vacant. Entry was made by forcing the rear glass sider, damaging it. Once inside the residence the suspects were able to remove the stove. The refrigerator was left behind when a suspect cut themselves leaving blood behind. Crime scene responded and collected any evidence available along with photographing the crime scene.
15-002071 02:03 Hours Shots Fired 300 NE 11th Ave.
Officers heard 4 to 5 gun shots from the 300 block of NE 11 Ave. A canvas of the area was negative for any crime.