18-003359 1536 hours Shots Fired 2122 NE 3rd Court
Officers responded to the area in reference to an anonymous call of 15-20 shots heard in the area. Upon arrival, officers did not locate any victims; however, they discovered 15 shell casings in front of the residence. They also located 19 shell casings in front 404 NE 20th Avenue. Two cars (2001 Chevy Silverado & 2003 Mitsubishi Eclipse) in the driveway were struck. Crime Scene responded to photograph collect the casings.
18-003421 2112 hours Aggravated Assault (Firearm) 522 NW 11th Avenue
Officers responded to the area in reference to shots fired. Upon arrival, victim reported that he was outside his residence when he observed three black males standing near a Hyundai Sonata. One of the black males approached from the side and began firing at him. Victim who has a CCW permit returned fire with his pistol. All three fled the area. Officers located 18 shell casings and 3 shell casings; all were recovered by Crime Scene.
18-003426 2153 hours Shots Fired 609 SW 1st Street
Officers responded to the area in reference to shots fired. On arrival, they located 30 shell casings in the roadway and driveway. The victim’s car had been struck numerous times. Several projectiles struck the house and entered the residence narrowly missing family members who were seated in the living room watching TV. Crime Scene responded to photograph and collect the casings
18-003429 2224 hours Burglary (Business) 550 N Congress Avenue
The manager of Best Buy reported that the alarm company notified him of motion activation to the closed store. He responded and upon checking the perimeter observed an unknown male exiting a rear emergency door. Upon seeing the manager the male ran back into the store. Officers set up a perimeter and K-9 was called to conduct an interior search. Upon K9 Officer Schalk making his announcement, K9 Iro focused on an area of the store and began to bark. The male identified as Shahjehan Awan surrendered without incident. Search incident to arrest revealed two Apple watches on his person and several plastic garbage bags. A check of the business revealed another plastic garbage bag containing 6 Apple iPhone, 6 Apple MacBook laptops, 2 Apple iPads, and Beats by Dr. Dre headphones hidden near a counter in the Apple Dept. The merchandise is valued at $16,500.
Shift responded to two (2) non-fatal overdoses.