17-3153 2025 hours Burglary/Arrest 1220 W. Industrial Ave
The owner of Ocean Outboards contacted police after he observed, via video camera, a truck back up to a boat inside the fenced lot and steal a 34 ft. SeaVee boat. Officers located the vehicle leaving the area and turned around to conduct a traffic stop. As they turned around, the driver accelerated through the red light at Boynton Beach Blvd and struck a passing car. The truck continued eastbound on Boynton Beach Blvd and struck another vehicle on the overpass before continuing eastbound. As officers caught up to it, the vehicle occupants bailed out of the still moving truck. Officers caught the passenger, Ernesto Gutierrez, after a foot chase. A Taser was deployed and Gutierrez was taken into custody. After an extensive search the driver was not located. None of the occupants of either vehicle struck by the fleeing truck received injuries. Detective Bureau and Crime Scene responded. Gutierrez was transported to Bethesda Hospital for medical clearance where he has since been admitted for unrelated medical problems.
17-3187 0054 hours Battery LEO/Arrest 2815 S. Seacrest Blvd
While already at Bethesda Hospital, officers were asked to remove Ryan Schwab from the Emergency Room. Schwab refused and was placed under arrest for Trespassing. While handcuffing Schwab, he began to violently resist arrest and struck an officer. He was subsequently detained and is currently at Bethesda Hospital for medical clearance prior to being sent to the Palm Beach County Jail.
17-2978 OD not fatal 2821 S Federal Hwy 0413hrs
Officers responded to the cls medical. Woman had overdosed. She recovered after treatment and declined to provide any relevant information.
17-2983 Robbery 100 NE 10th Ave 0612hrs
Officers responded to a strong-arm robbery. Victim stated that she met a recent acquaintance who owed her a sum of money. Her acquaintance disappeared. The victim went to look for the acquaintance and was relieved of her iPhone by an unknown subject armed with a bat.
17-3077 Suspicious Incident 1300 NW 4th St 1446hrs
Officers responded to the report of multiple shots fired. Officer determined that it was fireworks.