17-003304 Suspicious Incident/Shots Fired 2240 N Federal Hwy 19:27 hours
Units responded to the area of 2240 N Federal Hwy in reference to approximately 5 rounds heard in the area west of the noted address. Units canvassed the area with negative results for evidence or victims.
17-003199 0553hrs Burglary (Business) 500 East Woolbright Road
While on scene of a CLS medical emergency officers located shattered window on the side of the Super Cuts store in this plaza. Store manager reported that an unknown suspect(s) took $13.56 in U.S. coins the cash from the register, and that the window was valued at $500. There are no known suspects. Total loss is estimated at $513.56.
17-003234 1053hrs Burglary (Vehicle) 544 East Gateway Blvd
Victim reported that a B/M only known to her as “Row” likely stole her gray Apple IPhone ($900). She was speaking with Row while cleaning out her car. After dumping some trash, she noticed Row was gone, along with her IPhone that was on the passenger seat. She did not witness Row enter her vehicle or take her cellular device. Row is described as a 5’8”, slim built, black male with a beard. He was wearing a black jacket, blue jeans, with a black cap. She was unable to provide and further pertinent information regarding Row, and an area check was negative for him. Total loss is $900.
17-003259 1448hrs Grand Larceny (Other) 270 North Congress Ave.
Bike America employee reported that at approximately 1430 hours, an unknown suspect entered the business in search of a bicycle to purchase. The suspect selected a bright orange 54cm Specialized Diverge road bicycle (serial number WSBC601090021L), valued at $1,500. Employee stated that he allowed the suspect to exit the store with the bicycle for a test ride, and he was last seen traveling southbound on S Congress Ave from the store. The suspect was a white male in his mid to late 20’s, 5’10” – 6’ tall, and 180-200 lbs. He has a shaved head, no facial hair, and brown eyes. The suspect was wearing a red shirt with black gym shorts, a black camelback backpack, and black sneakers. He also had two scars on his right arm that appeared to be from a cut or burn. The suspect had visited the store on 1/17, and test rode several bicycles in the parking lot of the business. An area search was negative for the suspect. There were no cameras inside or outside of the business. Total loss is $1,500.