18-00482 Susp. Incident / Shots fired 1485 NW 1st Ct 0102 hrs
Officers responded to the above address in reference to a shooting. Officers located Shell casings in the roadway in front of the above residence. The caller did not want to meet with the officers. The officers checked all of the nearby residences and spoke to residents who informed officers that they were not victims of a shooting. Officers did not notice any damage to the residences that may have been associated to a shooting Officers also notified area hospitals and asked to be alerted if any victim was to come in with GSW. The shell casings were collected and a canvass of the area for video cameras was on-going.
18-00293 / 18-00368
Officers of the BBPD Marine Unit were activated to wrangle 2 unoccupied vessels that became displaced and out of control due to strong winds in the Intracoastal waterways. The officers battled inclement weather and were able to secure the vessels, but not before damages that were caused by the sailboats to the docks of 121 harbors Way and 821 Ocean Inlet Drive.