15-528 Shooting into an occupied dwelling 3200 Park Lane
The elderly victim advised she heard a small explosion and then located several pieces of glass that scattered throughout her room. A small projectile was located on the window sill of the window it entered indicating that it did not have much velocity upon entry. No suspects at this time.
15-000456 0832hrs Stolen Motorcycle 1800 N. Congress Ave
Victim stated that he observed a W/M subject steal his 2006 Honda CBR motorcycle at approximately 0820hrs. Witness stated that the suspect arrived in a black Honda Del Sol, he exited the vehicle with a motorcycle helmet and entered the parking garage. After a few moments the suspect left the parking garage with the stolen motorcycle, the Honda followed.
15-372 Poss. of Marijuana under 20 NE 3rd Ave and NE 4th St
Raul Argueta was arrested when officers found him sitting in his vehicle in vacant lot and he was possession of 1.7g of marijuana. He was issued an NTA.
15-400 Strong arm Robbery/Burglary SW Congress and Congress Ave
While the victim claims to be at the intersection texting his girlfriend he was approached by two B/M’s Tarrik Fuller and Kyle Brinson. Victim advised that Fuller entered his passenger door, sat in the seat and began to punch him in the face. While this was going on Brinson stood outside the vehicle and watched. The victim then claims he feared they were going to steal his vehicle so he accelerated and Fuller reached over and took his keys out of the ignition causing the vehicle to stop. Both Fuller and Brinson ran from the area but were spotted nearby and detained and then eventually arrested. Fuller and Brinson advised they were there to exchange drugs for the vehicle. Fuller and Brinson were processed and taken to PBCJ.
15-410 Trespass after warning 216 SE 1st St
Scott Coffey was arrested after he had been trespassed from this property earlier this evening. Taken to PBCJ.
15-415 Possession of Cocaine 600 blk NE 6th Ave
Johnston Zuccala was arrested after we received a call from his ex-girlfriend stating he was at the Marathon gas station (300 W. BBB) buying drugs from a b/m bald head wearing a white shirt. She advised that Zuccala left the area in a copper GMC heading eastbound to his home at the above address. Officers located Zuccala, conducted a traffic stop where their investigation led to the recovery of .01g of crack cocaine. The 2005 GMC was seized and paperwork submitted. Zuccala was processed and taken to PBCJ.
15-417 Poss. of Heroin and paraphernalia 400 E.BBB
Amanda Rupp was observed crossing BBB and approached by officers. Officer observed Rupp drop a cigarette pack at the front of his vehicle upon exiting. Officer found paraphernalia within and arrested her for such. Search incident to arrest led to officers locating heroin in her belongings. Rupp was processed and taken to PBCJ.
15-424 Child Neglect (x2) 1151 N Congress Ave
Cassandra Desir was arrested after an investigation revealed that she brought a 7yoa and 2yoa to the movies and left them in the theatre unattended for over an hour and a half. She advised that she saw nothing wrong with what she did since she was only out in the parking lot. She was processed and taken to PBCJ.
15-000291 0710hrs Stolen Vehicle 31 Crossings Cir F
Victim stated that unknown suspect(s) stole their 2006 Toyota Sienna (Fl tag F036DQ) sometime between 1700 hrs and 2100 hrs on 12/31/14.
15-000314 1025hrs Burglary Auto 2706 SW 7th St
Victim stated that their 2014 Jeep was burglarized sometime between 2300hrs on 01/02/14 and 1020hrs today.
15-000321 1114hrs Suspicious Incident/ Shots Fired 500 blk SW 1st St
Officers responded to the area regarding calls of approximately four gunshots in the area. No suspects or damage located, however, four 9mm casings were located behind 536 SW 1st St.
15-232 L&P 3028 Waterside Cir
Sean O’Brien was arrested for L&P when he could not explain why he was inside the community that he does not live in. O’Brien changed his story several times and admitted that he lied. He was processed and given an NTA.
15-247 Poss. of Marijuana under 20g 2800 N. Seacrest Blvd
Johnny Pierre was pulled over for inoperable equipment on his vehicle. Officer approached the vehicle smelled burnt marijuana and located (plain view) a baggie with .2g of marijuana. Pierre was arrested, processed and given an NTA.
15-260 Poss. of Schedule IV/DWLS 2800 S. Federal Hwy
Michael Zinn was arrested when he was pulled over for running a stop sign and it was learned that he did not have a valid D/L. It was further found that he was in possession of Xanax without a prescription. He was processed and taken to PBCJ.
15-263 Burglary to Auto 3151 SW 14th Pl
At 2127hrs witness heard banging outside the businesses and observed a white and Hispanic male running from the area wearing dark clothing in a newer model Honda Accord bearing a partial FL tag “N76”. The victim advised that tools valued at $1050.00 were stolen.
15-276 Burglary/tampering w/fire extinguisher BBHS
Officers responded to BBHS in reference to an alarm. A perimeter was setup and 4 individuals were located trying to run from the scene. A thorough investigation found that the below individuals entered into the HS and tampered with several fire extinguishers, damaged a water fountain, damaged two vending machines and removed several items from the vending machines. Three bikes and a skateboard were located with the stolen merchandise. The principle is going to do a thorough walk through to let us know how many extinguishers were damaged/stolen.
Tydarius Floyd was arrested, processed and taken to PBCJ.
Juvenile was arrested, processed and taken to JAC.
Juvenile was arrested, processed and taken to JAC.
Juvenile was arrested, processed and taken to JAC.