18-006141 2016 hours Burglary (Residence) 3 Via De Casas Sur
Victim reported that between 0815 hours and 1820 hours unknown person(s) entered her residence by initially cutting the screen to her patio and then prying the sliding glass door off its track. Once inside, the unknown suspect(s) rummaged through her bedroom. Victim advised that the only thing that appears missing at this time is a cup with spare change ($3.00) which she kept by the front door.
18-006178 2400 hours Battery/RA Without 411 Bayfront Drive
Officers responded to a disturbance between roommates. In the officers presence, w/f Dawn Ferrari DOB 05/16/67 shoved her roommate. Ferrari was arrested but refused to be placed in the patrol car. Force was used to gain compliance. In the process, Ferrari attempted to kick officers and was additionally charged. Ferrari was subsequently medically cleared due to her level of alcohol intoxication and then sent to county jail.
18-008984 1058 hours Suspicious Shots Fired 400 NE 20th Ave.
Officer Davis was on patrol at Intracoastal Park and heard several shots fired west of his location. The shots may have occurred in the area just north of NE 20th Ave. and NE 4th Ct., however; no evidence, victims, suspect were located.
18-006078 1533 hours Narcotic Arrest 100 E. Gateway Blvd.
B/M, Bardanard Desanges, 05/12/92, arrested by Ofc. Sohn after he was found to be in possession of 9.2 grams of imitation marijuana and 3.5 grams of cocaine. B/M, Michael Johnson, 12/19/95, was arrested for Resisting Arrest without Violence after he continued to disrupt the investigation after being told numerous times to stop. TOT PBCJ.
18-006087 1632 hours Fraud – Resist Arrest (Sears Auto) 805 N. Congress Ave.
Officer Roberts and Officer Monteith were involved in the investigation of a fraud complaint at Sears Auto Center. Upon determining probable cause for the arrest of B/M, Jermaine Butler, 11/04/86, he was instructed to turn around and place his hands behind his back. Butler began to place his hands behind his back, but suddenly took off running. Butler was tackled to the ground and Tased. Both Officer Roberts and Officer Monteith sustained abrasions to various parts of their bodies from the take down. Butler complained of pain to his right knee and was transported to Bethesda Memorial Hospital for medical clearance for jail.