16-038277 Traffic Stop 1775 North Congress Avenue 14:24 hours
While on patrol, Officer Herny observed a white Saturn Station Wagon (Fl tag WQ14G), which matched the description of a vehicle involved in a previous shooting at the EZ Mart 1005 North Seacrest Blvd. on July 11, 2016 at 0229 hours. During the original incident the victim was shot in the leg after he had approached the occupants of the vehicle asking for loose change. Officer Herny along with PTO unit members conducted a felony stop on the vehicle. Subsequent to further investigation through D-bureau B/M Tevin Dennard Tookes was arrested for Aggravated Battery with a firearm. TOT PBCJ.
16-038289 0704 hours Burglary (Vehicle) 3409 Diane Drive
Victim advised that she left her 2004 silver Honda Accord unsecured between 0430hrs on 07/10/16, and 0700hrs 07/11/16. The following items were found to missing from within the car: I-Pad ($300), I-pod ($200), large brown purse ($300), orange wallet ($200), two Bank America debit cards, and one Chase credit card (cards were cancelled). The vehicle interior was ransacked, but no damage was reported.
16-038316 0923 hours Burglary (Vehicle) 801 SW 35th Avenue
Victim advised that she left her 2005 Ford Explorer unsecured in her driveway between 2030hrs on 07/10/16, and 0930hrs on 07/11/16. During this timeframe an unknown subject entered the vehicle and ransacked the interior, however nothing was taken.
16-038323 0953 hours Burglary (Vehicle) SW 21st Street
Victim reported that on 07/10/16 at 0000 her beige 2005 Lincoln was parked in her driveway unsecured. When she woke up on 07/10/16 at approximately 0800 hours she discovered that her sunglasses ($150) were missing. The glove compartment/center console had also been opened, and its contents were scattered across the front seats. The victim refused crime scene processing, as she did not want the mess of the fingerprint dust all over the interior of her car.
16-038323 0953hrs Aggravated Battery/Poss of Cocaine 101 N. Fed Hwy (Ocean Food Mart)
W/M Chiappisi, Nicholas dob 12/03/1983, attempted to purchase a can of Miller Lite Beer with a credit card bearing another person’s name. Victim, w/m Harb, Nidal dob 09/17/1980 asked for identification from Chiappisi, however he refused to provide it, and began yelling obscenities at Nidal. Nidal refused service to Chiappisi, and he became enraged. He then threw the can of beer at Nidal, striking him in the upper left shoulder, narrowly missing his head. Chiappisi was arrested, and subsequently found to be in possession of cocaine. He was medically cleared for jail due to apparent intoxication. Chiappisi was processed at the BBPD and TOT the PBCJ.