Officers responded to 1 non-fatal overdose over the course of the shift.
18-37823 1533 hrs Failed to Stop 133 N. Congress Ave.
Officer Herny attempted to conduct a traffic stop on a vehicle driven by B/M, Lavonte Martin, 01/25/95, for traffic violations. Martin refused to stop and Officer Herny stopped his attempt after Martin began increasing speed and made several evasive maneuvers. Martin continued driving recklessly and drove over a median, last seen driving eastbound on Woolbright Rd, prior to Officer losing sight of the vehicle. Officers at I-95, whom had been previously responding, observed a vehicle approaching I-95 and enter southbound while driving on a rim with heavy smoke coming from it. It was apparent the vehicle would become disabled. Martin pulled over into the emergency breakdown lane and exited the vehicle, while officers took him into custody. Martin TOT PBCJ with Fleeing and Eluding charge.
18-037778 Obstruct Officer 1900 NW 2nd Ct. 0603hrs
Joseph Travis was arrested after he refused to identify himself during an investigation. He was taken to Bethesda Hospital due to possible intoxication. He was released to hospital staff and issued a Notice to Appear.
18-037790 Trespass in a Structure 2815 S. Seacrest Blvd. 0924hrs
Officers were called to Bethesda regarding Travis refusing to leave after being checked and not being in need of any medical attention. Travis continued to refuse to leave and was subsequently arrested and t.o.t. PBSO Main Jail.
18-037707 Burglary Residence 215 NE 9th Ave 1923 hours
Officers responded to the above address in reference to a burglary. Officers met with the caller who stated that unknown person(s) entered her unlocked residence to steal jewelry, cash, and shoes valued at $1,830.00.
18-037769 Susp. Incident / Shots Fired 1866 NE 5th St 0445 hours
Officers responded to a report of shots fired near the above address. Officers searched the area for victims and shell casings. Officers did not find any tangible evidence of a shooting. Officers also checked local hospitals which yielded negative results for shooting victims.
18-037770 Fire – SIR 610 SE 2nd Ave #102 0438 hours
Officers were dispatched to the above address in reference to a residential fire. Officers came across an apartment with smoke coming through the cracks of the front door. Officers forced entry through the front door and observed an unconscious male in the living room. Officers got the male out of the apartment. The male regained consciousness after being brought outside of the apartment.
Officers responded to 1 non-fatal overdose over the course of the shift.
18-037593 AOD to Delray Beach PD 100 SW 2nd St 2237 hours
Delray Beach PD was in pursuit of a stolen 2008 Lincoln MKX (BBPD 18-037457) which was believed to have been involved in a shooting within their city limits. The vehicle was last seen exiting I-95 NB at Hypoluxo Rd and then southbound on I-95. Moments later, the vehicle was found abandoned at 100 SW 2nd St. Delray Beach, BBPD K-9, and PBSO Eagle attempted a search for potential suspects however were unable to locate anyone. DBPD took possession of the vehicle for crime scene.
18-37426 Strong Arm Robbery 2300 S Federal Hwy 0553 hours
Victim reports that he was at a gas station near the above area when a skinny B/M with dread locks ripped his wallet out of his hand and fled the area on foot. Victim was highly intoxicated and could not provide any more details.
18-37445 Auto Burglary 1500 SW 30th Ave. 0838 hours
Overnight to a 2011 Ford F350 punched the door locks and removed a computer. C
18-37457 GTA 1380 Auburn Ct. 0933 hours
At approx.. 0330 hours this date 2 unknown subjects removed the victim’s blue 2008 Lincoln MKX Fl. Tag JSHE73.
18-37469 Auto Burglary 1057 Fairfax Cir. W. 1024 hoursBetween 0130 and 0330 hours this date unknown suspect entered his 2018 silver Toyota Tacoma and removed his wallet. Vehicle was possibly unlocked. Crime scene negative.
18-37480 Shoplifter 1500 SW 8th St. Home Depot 1208 hours
W/M subject was observed trying to steal felony amount of Dewalt power tools. Loss prevention attempted to stop the subject but he fled on foot and entered a black Ford P/U. Vehicle was located on I-95 and subject was taken into custody. Subject is a suspect in multiple thefts from local Home Depot’s. Truck was seized for felony forfeiture.