18-039020 1846 hours Overdose Non-Fatal
18-039021 1900 hours Battery LEO/R/A 19 Southern Cross Cir.
Officers responded to the aforementioned location in reference to a disturbance. Officer Jennings requested backup after making contact with a group of juveniles at the Clipper Cove pool area. He was attempting an arrest on b/f/j for trespass after warning when her friends began obstructing his investigation. Another B/F/J was taken to the ground by Officer Dominguez after she struck him in the chest. As a result she sustained a contusion to her left eye and was subsequently medically cleared. While at BBPD and processing another B/F/J spat in Officer Dominguez’s face; she was subsequently placed in the restraint chair based on her aggressive actions. One juvenile was released to her parents; The other two juveniles were tot JAC.
18-38954 Auto Burglary 8138 Mystic Harbor Cir. 0923 hours
Unknown suspect enter the victim’s unlocked 2002 Suburban without his permission and took a bracelet out of the console.
18-038853 1757 hours Stolen Vehicle 2821 S. Federal Hwy.
Officers responded to the aforementioned location in reference to a stolen vehicle. The victim stated unknown suspect(s) stole his 2006 Gray VW Jetta bearing MD tag 6DD0787.
18-038854 1834 hours Failed to Stop 24 Crossing Cir.
Officer Daley attempted a felony stop on a stolen Black Chrysler Sebring bearing Fl. tag 02JJM at the aforementioned location. The vehicle failed to yield and entered I-95 NB from Gateway Blvd. The vehicle was being operated by an unknown b/m/j. FHP was subsequently notified and the stop was terminated at the city limits.
18-038791 1008 hours Auto Burglary 949 BROOKDALE DR
Officer met with the victim who advised that his 9mm Kel Tec P11 (serial # 04021) was taken from the glove box of his Grey 2011 Honda Crosstour (FL 373PXR). Victim advised the last time he observed the pistol was on 06/30/2018. The pistol has a magazine loaded 13 round capacity, but it only contained 10 rounds. The vehicle had no signs of forced entry.
18-038824 1438 hours Auto Burglary 315 CIRCLE DRIVE
Officer met with the victim who advised between 7/27/18 at 1000 hours and 7/28/18 1400 hours an unknown suspect(s) entered his unsecured 2014 Jeep Patriot bearing FL Tag UWN7R. The victim advised that the suspect(s) rummaged through his vehicleband removed a box of .45 Winchester Long Colt Ammo.
18-038735 2320 hours Stolen Vehicle 524 E. Gateway Blvd.
Officers responded to the aforementioned location in reference to a stolen vehicle. The victim stated an unknown b/m suspect stole his 2015 Gray Chrysler 200 bearing FL. tag HYAL40 and fled NB on 4th St in the vehicle. Units searched the area but met with negative results in locating the vehicle. It was subsequently entered into NCIC/FCIC.
18-38600 GTA 9778 Nickels Blvd. #505 0614 hours
Taken overnight 2018 Hyundai Sonata white Fl. Tag HBGM84. Keys were in the trunk. Entered FCIC/NCIC.
18-38621 Auto Burglary 9818 Nickels Blvd. 0846 hours
Overnight to a 2012 Lincoln Continental. No signs of damage, vehicle likely left unlocked. Golf clubs and sunglasses taken.
Shift responded to 1 non-fatal overdose.