16-042242 1937hrs Aggravated Battery with Firearm 407 NE 1st St
Units responded to the area of the 400 block of NE 1st and NE 2nd St where residents advised that unknown B/M’s were shooting at other B/M’s. Officers were able to make contact with a victim who advised he was just standing outside of 400 NE 2nd St when several unknown B/M’s started shooting in his direction. The victim ran west to NE 1st St and was not harmed. The victim did not know the suspects and signed a refusal to prosecute form. CSI responded and recovered several 9mm shell casings from the roadway of 400 NE 2nd St.
16-042270 2250hrs Shots Fired 1213 NW 4th St
Officer responded to the area of Cherry Hill Mini Mart in reference to a block party where dispatch received multiple calls of shots being fired in the area. Upon arrival of units most of the patrons from the party were dispersing. A canvas of the area resulted in negative results for shell casings or victims. Local hospitals notified and no victims reported.
16-042278 2344hrs Burglary Auto 1425 S. Congress Ave
Contact was made with victim who stated at approximately 0700 hour she parked her 2015, Red in color Toyota bearing FL tag BDEK08 in the parking lot. When she returned to her vehicle at 2345 hours, she observed the rear passenger side window smashed out. Victim advised she had a pink in color purse ($275 value) sitting on the back seat that was now missing. The purse contained a pair of red gym sneakers ($60 value) and a yellow in color bracelet ($400).
16-042279 2344hrs Burglary Auto 1425 S. Congress Ave
Contact was made with victim, who stated at approximately 2303 hour she parked her 2001, Silver in color Saturn (bearing FL tag 382QNF) in the parking lot. When she returned to her vehicle at 2345 hours, she observed the front passenger side window smashed out. She advised her black in color purse ($15) containing a debit card and a FL ID were missing from the front seat of the vehicle.
16-042280 2344hrs Burglary Auto 1425 S. Congress Ave
Contact was made with the victim, who stated at approximately 2257 hour she parked her 2007, Red in color Chevrolet Uplander (bearing FL tag Y64KNG) in the parking lot. When she returned to her vehicle at 2345 hours, she observed the rear passenger side window smashed out.Victim completed an inventory of her vehicle and advised there were no items missing.
16-04216/16-042186 0555hrs Agg. Assault (Firearm) and Hit/Run 3200 Old Boynton Road
Victim was parking in the lot of 3200 Old Boynton Rd. (Walmart) when a black Nissan Altima backed into the front of his vehicle (BBPD case#16-042186). Victim exited his vehicle to assess the damage. The Altima backed into his vehicle a second time, and then fled the parking lot, with a brown Mustang following it. Victim followed the vehicles onto Old Boynton Rd. The driver of the Mustang stopped, displayed a black handgun toward him, and told him to stop. Both vehicles then went north on N. Congress Ave. Victim followed the Mustang into Meadows on the Green, but lost sight of it by the gate. The Mustang was not located. No injuries were reported, and there are no known suspects.
16-042184 1115 hours Burglary (Residence) SW 6th Avenue
Reportee advised that the home owner has been in Connecticut for approximately one month, and that he has been watching the house during her absence. Today he observed that the back door had been broken in, so he contacted BBPD. Officers cleared the residence for any suspects. They found that the interior had been ransacked. The loss is undetermined, and is pending an inventory from the victim. Thomas secured the residence prior to the officer’s departure. Pictures were taken of the residence and point of entry.
16-042192 1239 hours Burglary (Auto)Las Palmas Park
Victim Kimberly Gould found her vehicle (Black 2013 Volkswagon Passat FL tag #910QUQ) window slightly ajar. A closer look revealed that unknown subjects had rummaged through the glove box and center console, however nothing was taken.
16-042194 1239 hours Burglary/Auto Theft Las Palmas Park
Victim stated that sometime between 0030hrs and 1230hrs, someone entered his locked personal vehicle (2016 Mercedes CLA250, bearing FL tag#GTIA77) and stole the key from within the center console to his locked work vehicle (black 2009 Ford Flex bearing FL tag#EQZS36). The company vehicle had the following company owned tools inside it, a drill set (unk name/model) valued at $150.00 and (2) furniture dolly/s with a total value of $50.00. The stolen vehicle was entered into FCIC/NCIC.
16-042061 1620hrs Overdose (Fatal) SW Cranbrook DR
W/M , was found unconscious and not breathing. Officers arrived on scene simultaneously with the Boynton Beach Fire Department. Boynton Beach Paramedics pronounced him deceased. Officers established a secure crime scene and stood by for Detective Lagor and Crime Scene.
16-042108 2003hrs Overdose (Non-Fatal) NW 13th Ave
W/F was observed on the lying on the floor, unresponsive. Upon arrival CPR was in progress and shortly after Officers arrived she regained her consciousness and was further tended to by BBFD and was subsequently transported to Bethesda Memorial Hospital.
16-042127 2216hrs Overdose (Fatal) 480 W. Boynton Beach Blvd (The Inn)
Female was unresponsive, not breathing and had possibly overdosed. Boynton Beach Fire Rescue arrived on scene and at 2226hrs, confirmed that shewas deceased. CSI Stidham and Det. Lagor responded to the scene.
16-041995 0854 hours Stolen Vehicle 3025 Waterside Circle
Victim advised that on 07/29/16 at 1930 hours she parked her 2016 black VW Tiguan (SUV) bearing FL tag BMMM79 in her driveway and brought the keys inside. When she woke up on 07/30/16 at 0830 hours, the vehicle was missing. There was no evidence of broken glass / forced entry but the victim advised the vehicle was locked and she had possession of the keys. NCIC / FCIC entry was completed.
16-041999 0917 hours Stolen Tag 2770 NE 5th Court
Victim B/M Yves Desir (DOB 02/19/55) advised that upon exiting his residence at 0917 hours, he noticed that the tag to his 2002 Isuzu Trooper was missing (FL tag I692EY w/decal # 04791637 attached.. Tag/decal were entered into FCIC/NCIC as stolen.
16-042001 0933 hours Shooting South Circle Drive/NE 4th Street
Officers responded to 417 NE 17th Ave in reference to a shooting which occurred near the intersection of S Circle Drive and NE 4th St. Victim stated that they went to the Quick Stop at 524 E Gateway Blvd., made a purchase, and left the store. While walking home, a white Chevy 4 door pulled alongside them and an unknown B/M occupant began to yell obscenities at them. Both initially believed that he was joking; however the suspect retrieved a handgun and fired several rounds at them from approximately 50 yards away. The vehicle then then drove away. Several shell casings were turned over. Detective Lagor responded and Crime Scene processed the scene.
16-042002 0958 hours Burglary (Vehicle) 3077 Waterside Circle
Victim advised her unsecured 2015 silver Mazda 6 bearing Fl tag DJVR92 was parked in her driveway on 07/29/16 at 2215 hours. When she awoke on 07/30/16 at 0900 hours, she observed the driver’s door slightly ajar. A brown Michael Kors bag ($350) was missing from underneath the driver’s seat. The bag contained her FL driver’s license and misc. clothes ($50). There were no signs of forced entry.
16041819 07:58:57 BURGLARY AUTO 2870 NE 5TH CT
Victim stated unknown person(s) smashed the driver side window to his Black 2005 Land Rover LRS bearing FL tag M662IT and stole a pair of $250 sunglasses. Officer J. Rivera located a mortgage paper with fresh blood on it which had been taken from the victim’s vehicle. Crime Scene responded and collected the biological evidence. Estimated cost of loss is set at $450.
16041840 10:39:26 BURGLARY RESIDENCE – DELAYED 2530 SW 14TH ST
Victim stated unknown person(s) gained access to his vacant residence and removed a generator (NOI) and an older model Intratec AB-10 9mm firearm (NOI). Estimated cost of loss is set at $400.