15-030779 Burglary to Conveyance/Accessory after the Fact – Arrest 1005 NW 22nd Ave
In collaborative effort – Officers Vargas and Brooks took Ariel J. Garcia to jail. In addition, post-arrest James Valentin and Dennis Herd were ROR’d.
15-030798 Burglary to Structure – Delayed NW 17th Ave
Victim alleges someone burglarized their structure.
15-030831 Possession of Heroin/Cocaine/Paraphernalia – Arrest 3625 S SR 5
In collaborative effort – Officers Shepaum, Gorfido, and Esteves took Donald Wade to jail.
15-030831 Warrant Arrest 3625 S SR 5
Officer Esteves took Joanne Tyrra to jail.
15-30662 0811hrs Possession of Marijuana w/intent to sell 3001 N. Seacrest Blvd
Officer Lagor arrested B/M Moore, Anthony DOB 07-16-76 for possession of Marijuana with intent to sell. Moore had 17 small plastic baggies of marijuana in his possession. Moore was TOT PBCJ.
15-27832 1124hrs Recovered Stolen Vehicle 510 NE 3rd St
Officer Haugh responded to City Towing where they towed a vehicle from 2851 S. Seacrest Blvd and discovered it was reported stolen out of our city. The vehicle had no damage and was locked when it was towed. The ignition did not appear to be damaged and the tag/decal was still attached. The vehicle was removed from FCIC/NCIC.