16-033030 1853hrs Burglary to Auto SE 28th CIR
Contact was made victim, who advised someone went into his unlocked vehicle. Victim stated his vehicle was in his driveway and believes the burglary occurred sometime between the hours of 0000 and 0530. Victim stated the only items missing from the vehicle were a chrome Apple I-pod and approximately $4 dollars in change.
16-033052 2010hrs Burglary to Auto SW 8th Ave
Contact was made with the victim who advised that her vehicle 2013 VW Passat was broken into. The victim advised that she observed her vehicle at 1000hrs with damage to the driver side door and last saw her vehicle intact on 06/11/2016 approx 1700 hours. She advised that her wallet was taken with a Wells Fargo debit and credit card, along with her insurance card and passport.
16-033086 2319hrs Stolen Auto 2821 S. Federal Hwy (Homing Inn)
Contact was made with victim, who advised he loaned his vehicle, a white Dodge Ram 1500, FL tag GTVK95, to a B/M, who he knows by the street name “Alligator Shorty”. The victim advised he met with Alligator Shorty at approximately 1800 hours this day, when Shorty asked if he could borrow the vehicle. The victim loaned the truck to Shorty, who agreed to have the vehicle back by 2000 hours, today. At approximately 2200 hours, when Shorty had not returned the vehicle, he called Shorty on his cell phone. Shorty failed to answer and the vehicle was entered into NCIC/FCIC.
16-032862 0400 hours Burglary Auto(s) 815 W. Boynton Beach Blvd. (Casablanca).
Numerous auto burglaries (10) to vehicles in complex. Method of entry was smashed windows. Officers were able to approximate the time of occurrence to be between 0030 and 0330 hours.
16-032871 0500 hours Burglary Auto(s) 2800 High Rdige Road. (TriRail).
Numerous auto burglaries (11) to vehicles in parking lot. Method of entry was smashed windows. Officers were able to approximate the time of occurrence to be between 2300 and 0400 hours.
16-032929 1032 hours Grand Theft Auto 129 Buttonwood Lane.
Witness reported seeing a suspicious vehicle in the development’s parking lot. Officers located the vehicle, determined it was stolen and conducted a felony stop. Four subjects were detained and charged with grand theft and numerous other drug charges.