17033212 2220 hours Robbery (Strong-Arm x 2)/Poss. Of Paraphernalia Publix / 1005 W Gateway
Victim was pushing her shopping cart through the parking lot when Suspect w/m Gregory Reneson dob 08/05/1976 approached and attempted to grab her purse from inside. The victim fought with the suspect to maintain her property. A good Samaritan witnessed the robbery and intervened and fought with the suspect. The suspect was able to batter the Samaritan and forcefully take his cell phone. The suspect then fled with the purse and the cellphone with both victims following. The suspect tried to enter a vehicle where w/f Tamlyn Dexter dob 08/16/1991 was waiting. However, the good Samaritan again engaged Reneson and was able to detain him until units arrived. All stolen property was returned to owners. In plain view inside the suspect vehicle, officers observed numerous used needles (approx.50), baggies, and burnt spoons. Reneson was medically cleared due to injuries sustained during the altercation with the second victim, processed, and lodged at PBCJ. He is charged with two counts of Robbery (Strong Arm) and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia. Dexter was charged with Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, processed, and also lodged at PBCJ.
17033229 0004 hours Shooting into Occupied Dwelling 2122 NE 3rd Ct.
Victims were inside their home when they heard 4 to 5 shots being fired. Officers arrived and discovered that two rounds had entered through the residence’s front door and lodged into the wall. One (1) 9mm round was recovered at the scene. No victims or witnesses.
17033132 1655 hours Overdose (non-fatal) 1331 SW 26th Ave
17033147 1818 hours Overdose (non-fatal) 1005 W Gateway Blvd
17033149 1826 hours Overdose (non-fatal) Bethesda / 2815 S Seacrest
17033214 2249 hours Overdose (non-fatal) Bethesda / 2815 S Seacrest
17033234 0041 hours Overdose (non-fatal) The Inn / 480 W Boynton Beach Blvd
Platoon members conducted selective traffic enforcement which resulted in twenty-eight (28) stops/contacts.
17-033085 1110 hours Attempted Burglary (Business) 312 E Boynton Beach Boulevard #4
Victim reported that between 2200 hours on June 10th and 1100 hours this date, unknown person(s) attempted to enter her business (Unique 2 Boutique) by prying the rear door/lock assembly. Victim discovered the attempt/damage when her key would not work in the lock. The business is equipped with surveillance however; victim did not have access to the system.
The shift responded to numerous weather related alarms and traffic crashes, and non-working traffic control devices earlier in the day.