16-034165 0900 hours Burglary Auto 1824 Banyan Creek Circle North
Victim stated that unknown suspects entered his unlocked vehicle and removed a Smith and Wesson 380 body guard Model # BG380 S/N EAE3228 with an extra clip (6 rounds). The weapon was entered into FCIC/NCIC. There were two additional burglaries in the immediate area to unlocked vehicles (16-034166 and 16-034169).
16034034 1549 hours Noise Disturbance (COV) 209 NW 9th Court (Sara Sims Park)
Officers responded to 209 NW 9th Court / Sara Sims Park in reference to a noise complaint / COV. Two bounce houses, DJ speakers, and a generator were found to be in operation. Contact was made with B/M Tory Davis and B/F Andrea Miller, who stated that they were in charge of the equipment. Both parties were fully cooperative, and advised they we’re not aware that a City permit was necessary for the above activities. They were then educated as to the proper procedure to operate an active party and children activities in City Parks. They promptly deflated the bounce houses, removed the sound equipment and generator, and left the park without further incident.
16034054 1622 hours Agg. Battery/RA with Violence/Battery LEO 4770 N. Congress Ave. (Publix)
Officers responded to Publix at 4770 N. Congress Ave. in reference to a customer disturbance. W/F, Elizabeth Nye was identified as the person who had battered a Publix store employee with a metal stapler. Upon seeing the officers, Nye fled on foot, and a brief foot chase ensued. Nye was detained, but began fighting with officers and resisting their efforts to place handcuffs on her. Nye spit in the face of several officers, slipped out of the wrist restraints, and continued to fight and kick officers throughout the arrest process, during transport to Bethesda East for medical clearance, and during medical treatment. Nye was TOT the PBCJ. SIR is in progress.
16034065 1711 hours Burglary (Vehicle) 1001 N. Congress Ave. (Olive Garden)
Reportee advised that while dining at the Olive Garden between 1545 and 1630 hours an unknown person(s) entered his work van, 2007 white Chevrolet Express van bearing FL tag V996BC. Suspect(s) pried open the steel plate which holds the padlock to the rear doors, and punched the outside door lock (handle) to gain access to the rear of the van. Suspect(s) then removed a sewer machine (K-60) and sewer cables (total value of missing items is approximately $6,400).
16034078 1911 hours Burglary (Residence) 1 Crossing Circle
Officers responded to 1 Crossing Circle Apt. C delayed burglary. Victim stated that she secured her residence around 1200 hours and returned around 1850 hours to discover the residence had been broken into. Victim advised that she noticed an open drawer in the main living room, and a missing computer from the dining table. Further inspection revealed 2 missing piggy banks from one of the bedrooms, as well as missing jewelry from the top of the dresser in the master bedroom. Entry appeared to have been made through the master bedroom’s window, as the blinds were lifted open, and the outer screen was dislodged. Total loss was undetermined at time of report.
16053204 1945 thru 2045 hours Disturbance (Noise) 209 NW 9th Court (Sara Sims Park)
Officers responded to reports of a very large and loud crowd gathered in the area of the park. A crowd of approximately 1,000 people was found to be in the area, and several surrounding streets were clogged with vehicles. A traffic pattern was established, and all persons left the area without incident.
16-033979 0644 hours Suicide 500 S. FEC (FEC Railroad).
A black male was struck and killed by a freight train around the 500 block of S. FEC. An investigation and interviews with the engineer and witnesses revealed that it was deliberate suicide. Detectives and crime scene were called out.
16033903 2028 hours Burglary (Vehicle) 931 SW 34th Avenue
Officers responded to 931 SW 34th Ave in reference to a delayed burglary. Victim reported that sometime between 06/08/2016 and 06/17/2016 an unknown subject burglarized two vehicles that were parked in front of this residence. The vehicles belong to friends of the reportee, who are away on vacation. Both vehicles were unlocked. Total loss was undetermined, as the owners were not present.
16033912 2123 hours Suspicious Incident (Shots Fired) 100 block of South Atlantic Drive East
Officers responded to the area of 100 South Atlantic Drive East in reference to shots fired. Citizens in the area observed several people fighting in the road, and then heard what they thought sounded like gunshots. They believed the shots were fired from a black Honda 4 door car, but were unable to provide any further description of anyone involved. No other calls were received regarding the incident. No shell casings or other evidence of a shooting was discovered at the scene. All local hospital were contacted, however no gunshot victims had been admitted for treatment
16033917 2151 hours Burglary (Cat Type) NE 15th Ave
Officers responded to possible cat burglary delayed. Victim stated that at about 2115 hours, she heard the front door close unexpectedly. The victim walked to the living room at the front of the residence and noticed her JVC 47inch color TV missing from the TV stand, and that her front door was unlocked. It appears the suspect made entry through the NE facing window, which was left open, grabbed the TV and walked out the front door. The screen to the window was lying on the ground about 5 feet away. Crime Scene was conducted. Photographs were taken and placed into BBPD evidence.
16-033744 0052 hours 100 NW 27th Ct. Fleeing and Eluding, Possession of Marijuana
PTO J. Rivera and Officer Hollis conducted a traffic stop on a beige 4 door Buick. As Officers made the initial approach, the driver later identified as B/M Rodney Lamar Caldwell d.o.b. 10-14-71 drove away from the Officers. A short pursuit ensued, where Caldwell came to a stop again at the intersection of NW 27th CT and W. Gateway Blvd. A high risk traffic was conducted and Caldwell was taken into custody without incident. Caldwell was found to be in possession of Marijuana during the search of the vehicle. Caldwell was issued numerous citations and then transported to Palm Beach County jail.
16-33565 1030 hours Burglary Auto (Delayed)1703 Wood Fern Drive
Between 2330 hours on 06/10/16 and 0900 hours on 06/11/16, an unknown subject(s) entered an unlocked Hyundai and ransacked the vehicle. The vehicle registration was the only thing taken from the vehicle. Owner delayed reporting due to not being sure if he should call the police.
16-33540 0742 hours Burglary Residence (Delayed)1541 Stonehaven Dr
A bicycle was stolen from the patio sometime between 0100 hours and 0725 hours on today’s date. Entry was made by pushing in the screen and opening the door latch.