15-027062 1643 hrs.Burglary to Residence King Fisher Way
Sometime between 02.10.15 and 02.25.15, an unknown person(s) entered the above vacant residence and removed a G.E. oven.
15-027065 1659 hrs. Battery/Resisting W/O Violence 2615 NE 4th St.
Luis Torres grabbed Martinez’s arms trying to engage him to fight. Officer Medeiros attempted to make contact with Torres, however, he refused and took a fighting stance, blading his body and clenching his fist. Officer Medeiros applied O.C. spray to Torres face and used a leg strike to knock him off balance. Once on the ground, Officer Medeiros was able to quickly handcuff Torres. SIR to follow.
15-027084 1938 hrs. Vandalism to Auto 310 Ocean Parkway
Sometime between 0600 and 0630 hours, on this date, an unknown person(s) punctured three tires on a red Ford pickup.
15-027088 1952 hrs. Trauma Alert Vehicle Crash Federal Hwy and E. Gateway Blvd.
A three vehicle crash occurred at the above location and as a result one vehicle was overturned. The occupant was deemed a trauma alert status. THI and C.S. responded.
15-026993 Burglary Auto 0826hrs Rider Rd
Victim stated that unknown suspect(s) entered her vehicle and stole property from within.
15-027025 Theft of Motor Vehicle 1156hrs 136 NE 3rd Ave
Owner of a 2005 Vespa scooter reported that his scooter was taken on 06/16/2015. Fl. Tag attached 023 4NL.
15-027027 Burglary Auto 1222hrs 611 NE 10th Ave
Victim stated that unknown suspect(s) entered her vehicle and stole items from inside.
15-027031 Burglary Residence 1234hrs SW 8th Ave
Officers responded to the residence regarding an alarm activation, upon checking the residence the rear glass door had been shattered. Miscellaneous property was stolen from within.
15-027038 Burglary Auto 1326hrs Bethesda Hospital 2815 S. Seacrest Blvd
Victim stated that unknown suspect(s) attempted to enter their van and in the process damaged the door lock / latch.