16-031482 1842hrs Burglary to Fence Compound 5500 Park Ridge BLVD
While on patrol Officer Adams observed a B/M/J jump the fence from the Boynton Beach High School . After investigation it was determined that the suspect was inside the school with two of his friends. Contact was made with a custodian from the school who advised three B/M/J break open a shed were trying to the steal a golf cart. Officer were able to locate the other two B/M/J’s who upon site of the officers too flight on foot. Officers gave chase and were able to apprehended the suspects. A positive ID was given by the custodian from a show up and all three suspects were placed under arrest, processed, and released to their parents.
16-031490 1919hrs Burglary to Auto NE 4th St
Contact was made with the victim, who stated that after arriving at the aforesaid business and parking her vehicle facing westbound along the railroad tracks, she told her husband that she was going to leave her purse in the vehicle due to the fact that she had a leg injury and needed to walk with the assistance of crutches. Victim stated that she then entered the establishment until a short time later when she was notified that her vehicle had been burglarized. When she went to the parking lot to investigate, she discovered the rear passenger window to her red 2009 Acura MDX SUV, bearing FL tag T927FK, smashed and her purse missing from the rear seat. A witness explained that he was sitting in his vehicle when he saw a black newer model Chevrolet Suburban, occupied by two males, one W/M and the other a light skin B/M wearing a red hoodie, back their vehicle next the victim’s vehicle.
16-031394 0635 hours Burglary Auto(s) 16109 Mahogany Drive (La Costa)
Victim reported that unknown suspects smashed her car window and ransacked the interior of the vehicle. Victim estimated the incident occurred between 2200 and 0600 hours. Victim was unable to determine if anything was missing from the vehicle. Latent prints were taken from the vehicle. Two additional burglaries were located in the development matching similar methods of entry (see case numbers 16-031396 and 16-03199).
16-031414 0915 hours Stolen Auto 2800 High Ridge Road (TRI-RAIL).
Victim stated unknown suspects stole a 2004 white Dodge Caravan bearing FL tag BEGS72 sometime during the night. The victim discovered the vehicle missing around 2300 hours. The vehicle was entered into FCIC/NCIC. No explanation was given as to the delay in reporting.
16-031202 0750 hours Grand Theft Auto 2951 SW 14th Place (I-Storage).
Victim called stating a former employee had stolen a work truck and had just abandoned the vehicle outside the property. The suspect Robert Fiola (10-20-82) was located by responding units several blocks away. Fiola was arrested for Grand Theft Auto after he was positively identified by the victim.
16-031140 2127hrs Burglary to Residence 1601 NE 3rd St
Contact was made with victim who stated sometime between 2050 and 2115 hours this day, and noticed the window on the northeast side of the home was open. After search of the residence it was determined that approx $2,174.
0807 hrs Multiple Vehicle Burglaries 1901 W. Woolbright Rd.
Multiple burglaries to secured vehicles during the night. Suspect(s) broke the windows of the vehicles involved to gain entry.
16-031007 1106hrs Overdose (Fatal) 480 W. Boynton Beach Blvd.
Decedent was located in the bathroom of the hotel room, a syringe and small capsule with heroin residue were located within reach of the deceased.
16030912 1839 hours Agg Battery / Agg Stalking / GTA / Resisting 1861 Renaissance Commons Blvd
Officers responded to 1800 N Congress Ave in reference to the victim advising that an unknown male, later identified as h/m Carlos Maldonado dob 05/01/1995, had followed her from her hair salon on Okeechobee Blvd and had attempted to wave her down, run her off the road, and had ultimately struck her vehicle just prior to her entering the Renaissance neighborhood. Victim stated that she could not call police due to her cell phone battery being depleted, was afraid to stop her car, and upon entering Renaissance she abandoned her vehicle running to the police substation where contact was made with DET Raftery and OFC Howard. Multiple witnesses directed officers to the suspect who refused to comply with verbal commands and had to be tased and other hard control techniques utilized to place him into custody. Investigation revealed that the vehicle in which Maldonado had been driving was stolen out of Osceola County. CSI and DET Joseph responded. Post Miranda, Maldonado confessed to all the above listed offenses despite not knowing the victim in this case. He was medically cleared, processed, and later lodged at PBCJ.
16030920 1952 hours Grand Theft / Identity Theft / Scheme to Defraud Sears/ 801 N Congress
Officers responded to Sears located at 801 N Congress Ave in reference to shoplifters. Upon officers arrival 2 B/F’s identified as Aquila Wright dob 10/21/1991 and Keitra Howard dob 05/21/1998 were observed exiting the business with a shopping cart full of unpaid merchandise ($792.68). The B/F’s ran towards their vehicle (2003 White Ford) which was parked in front of the store. Howard and Wright were arrested within their vehicle. A search of Wrights purse incident to arrest revealed that she had three separate ID cards and a credit card that did not belong to her. Wright also had multiple gift cards from multiple stores. It was later learned that both parties were at Walmart located at 3200 Old Boynton Rd prior to Sears placing returns and receiving gift cards. Wright and Howard were interviewed, processed, and later lodged at PBCJ.
16030934 2149 hours Loitering and Prowling / Resisting 549 SE 18th Ave
Officers responded in reference to the owner of the business viewing, via live surveillance feed, an unknown black male, later identified as Germaine Dacosta dob 01/26/1984, who had jumped the locked rear fence and was looking into the windows of the business. Officers set a perimeter and a contact team approached and engaged Dacosta with verbal commands. Despite a show of force with OFC Brown and K9 Filip, Dacosta refused to comply with verbal commands and attempted retreat from officers and gain access to the roof of the business by jumping onto a 50 gallon water barrel. OFC Brown utilized his taser which did prove effective by stopping Dacosta’s resistance. He was placed into custody (post Miranda), medically cleared, processed, and later lodged at PBCJ.
16-30781 0625 hours Over Dose Not Fatal 2000 SW 26th ST.
W/M was found on the ground next to his vehicle, unconscious from an apparent overdose. FD responded, provided medical treatment and transported Smith to Bethesda.
16-30783 0632 hours Robbery/Aggravated Battery 548 E. Woolbright Rd.
Following a fight that occurred last night, 5-6 b/f suspects followed the victim to her job. Once there, the suspects confronted the victim inside of the establishment. One of the suspects chased the victim to the rear of the store where she commenced to taser and punch the victim in the face and arms. A couple others followed and began to punch the victim simultaneously, while one suspect remained at the counter throwing containers of milk at the victim. All suspects ran out of the store and was last seen running southbound on Federal Hwy. PC exists for the suspect who utilized the taser, which has been identified as a juvenile.
16-30785 0658 hours GTA (Trailer) 1800 Corporate Dr.
Sometime between 1500 hours on 06-01-16 and today at 0530 hours, unknown suspect took the victim’s 2008 Diamond Cargo trailer, filled with chips and cookies from a parking spot without his permission.
16-30787 0722 hours Burglary Cat Type 203 SW 9th Ave
Sometime between 1000 hours on 06-01-16 and 0645 hours today, unknown suspect entered the victim’s home through an unsecured slider door and removed her wallet containing $1,000.
16-30812 0946 hours GTA 150 High Point Blvd. N
Victim stated that sometime between 2200hrs last night and 0830 hours today, unknown suspect stole his red Nissan hard body pickup truck from the guest parking space. Broken glass was located where the truck was parked. Vehicle entered into F/NCIC as stolen.
16-30823 1016 hours Burglary Res/Forced 815 W. Boynton Bch. Blvd.
Unknown suspect stole a bike and a tool box from victim’s back porch. The bike was located by the dumpster. However, the tool box was not.
16-30845 1240 hours Burglary Auto 550 N. Congress Ave
Unknown suspect entered the unsecured vehicle and stole the victim’s L.G. Flex 2 cell phone. Phone entered into F/NCIC.
16-30855 1250 hours Burglary Auto 335 N. Congress Ave
Unknown suspect entered victim’s unsecured vehicle and stole her purse.