16034423 1633 hours Overdose (non-fatal) McDonald’s / 1810 S Federal
Officers responded in reference to an unconscious female inside the ladies restroom. Upon arrival, w/f was found unresponsive and turning blue. Officers and EMS provided life saving techniques and she regained consciousness. She was transported to Bethesda for further treatment.
16034464 1943 hours Burglary (Auto) 505 SW 3rd St Victim reported that unknown person(s) burglarized his unsecured 2009, Ford truck, by removing approximately $300 of assorted tools which were utilized for cable installation.
Burglary Auto/Theft Banyan Creek Circle
16-34314 Burglary Auto- 1790 Banyan Creek Circle
16-34322 Burglary Auto- 1746 Banyan Creek Circle
16-34320 Burglary Auto- 1783 Banyan Creek Circle
16-34313 Auto Theft- 1812 Banyan Creek Circle
16-34364 1141 hours Burglary Residence (Delayed) 743 NE 12th Terrace
Between 0001 hours and 1141 hours on today’s date, an unknown person(s) removed a 42’ LG television from the rear deck of the residence.
16-34312 0710 hours Suspicious Incident/Pursuit 520 Mission Hill Road
At approximately 0710 hours, Officer Surajbally was on routine patrol when he observed 2 unknown black males run from the front of the residence at 520 Mission Hill Road. The males got in the back seat of a silver Nissan Altima (Unknown Tag) and the vehicle fled at a high rate of speed. Believing that a residential burglary may have just occurred, Officer Surajbally attempted to conduct a stop of the vehicle. The vehicle accelerated away and the driver disobeyed several stop signs. Officer Surajbally, utilizing lights/siren, attempted to get close enough to the vehicle to observe the license plate but was unable to do so due to the high speeds and reckless driving pattern. The pursuit was discontinued at S. Federal Hwy/SE 23rd Ave when it became apparent that the vehicle would not stop. Officer Surajbally returned to the area and met with a witness who said that the residence at 520 Mission Hill Rd is vacant. The residence was checked and no signs of criminal activity were located.