16035670 2010 hours Block Party / ATV Complaint Carolyn Sims / 311 NW 12th Ave
Officers responded in reference to a large block party and reports of motor bikes and atv’s racing around the area. Upon arrival approximately 250 people were in attendance in the parking lot and basketball courts. Multiple dirt bikes and four wheelers recklessly left the area upon police arrival. Officers set up traffic control points and the remaining vehicles and attendees left the area without further incident.
16035680 2104 hours Loitering and Prowling Publix / 4770 N Congress
Officers responded in reference to a white male wearing all black with a black hat trying to open the doors of several vehicles that were parked in the lot. Upon arrival, officers observed the male trying to hide in between vehicles and was detained and identified as w/m Rome Payne dob 10/14/1994. Post Miranda, he did not dispel officer’s fears and was arrested, processed, and later lodged at PBCJ.
16035687 2141 hours DUI-Accident 500 W Gateway Blvd
Officers responded in reference to an accident involving a Chevy Tahoe that had struck and was stuck to the rear of a tow truck that was stopped for the red light. Upon officer’s arrival, the driver of the Tahoe, later identified as w/m Fred Farnes dob 03/13/1939, was attempting to dislodge his vehicle and leave the scene. A DUI investigation was conducted and he was arrested, processed, and later lodged at PBCJ after he rendered a breath sample of 0.17 BAC.
16-35552 0434 hours Warrant Arrest /S.I.R In progress 77 Essex Ln.
W/M, Robert J. Lasser, 12/27/56, was arrested after investigation revealed he had a warrant for his arrest for Possession of Cocaine. After transport to BBPD, it was discovered Lasser had abrasions on his wrists which he advised were caused by the placement of handcuffs on him. Injuries appear to have been caused by him manipulating the handcuffs while seated in a vehicle for transport. S.I.R. In progress.
16-35575 1005 hours Burglary Auto 644 South Rd.
Unknown person entered the unlocked vehicle between 2000 hours last night and 1000 hours this morning, removing two Ipods from the center console.
16-35465 Noise Disturbance 2751 NW 1st Street 1721hrs
Officers responded to the above address in reference to the report of a noise disturbance by a city commissioner. A patrol supervisor and the responding officer located 7 persons attending a bbq. The attendees agreed to turn down the music. Officers responded a second time at the request of a city commissioner who reported again that the music was loud. The patrol supervisor responded utilizing a noise meter and documented no violation. I spoke to both the complainant (resident) and the commissioner who initiated the request for police response and explained the results of the inquiry.
16-35502 Noise(shots fired) 300 W. BB Blvd 2058hrs
Officers responded the report of up to 20 shots being fired in the above area. Officers determined that the noise was fireworks (visually observed) and could not substantiate gunfire occurring.
16-35528 Agg Assault 2010 N. Federal Hwy 2347hrs
The reporting party indicated that he was the victim of a battery where he alleged that an unknown assailant punched him in the face and then threatened him with a firearm. The alleged victim appeared to have consumed alcohol. There is currently no evidence at this time to substantiate the victim’s allegations as described.
16-35531 Traffic Crash 109 SE 5th Avenue 0002hrs
Officers responded to a single vehicle rollover crash at the above location. City property (fire hydrant) was damaged in the crash. The water department responded to the scene.
16-35410 1124 hours Overdose (Fatal) 220 SE 3rd Ave.
W/M 10/29/77, was found deceased in his apartment by friends after he failed to attend his place of employment. He is presumed to have overdosed on narcotics, due to his recent release from rehab. Dbureau and Crime Scene responded.
16035298 1859 hours Overdose (Non-Fatal) 609 Asbury Way
Officers and EMS responded in reference to w/m 10/16/1990 unconscious with shallow breathing. Upon arrival, life saving techniques were performed and he did regain consciousness. He admitted to mixing Heroin and Xanax. He was transported to Bethesda for further treatment.
16-35154 0741 hours Burglary/Auto 2014 SW Golf Road
Between 2030 hours on 06/23/16 and 0740 hours on today’s date, an unknown person(s) entered an unlocked GMC truck and removed miscellaneous tools.
16-35161 0819 hours Burglary/Auto 626 SW 21st Circle
Between 2330 hours on 0/623/16 and 0819 hours on today’s date, an unknown person(s) entered an unlocked Kia Sol and removed a .22 cal handgun.
16-035078 1914hrs Failed to Stop 200 W. Boynton Beach Blvd
PTO J. Rivera attempted to stop on a 2016 gray Chrysler 300 bearing FL GIJK47 for a traffic violation. The vehicle failed to stop and entered I-95 northbound. Officer Rivera then terminated all efforts to stop the vehicle.
16-035093 2055hrs Wanted Person/Possession of Narcotics/Resisting Arrest Without Violence 2300 N. Seacrest Blvd
Officer James conducted a traffic stop and made contact with the driver W/M Tyler Samuelson, and two occupants W/F Melissa Koons, and W/F Amy McBrine. Samuelson did not have a valid DL, and stated that he had a warrant. While Officer James was waiting for confirmation of the warrant, Samuelson began agitated and began to make sudden movements inside the vehicle. Officer James ordered Samulenson to step out of the vehicle, however he refused to comply. Officer James tried to physically remove him, but Samulenson actively resisted this effort. Officer James deployed his Taser and Samulenson was taken into custody without further incident. Investigation revealed that Samulenson was wanted for narcotics possession, and also in possession of crack cocaine and drug paraphernalia. Samulenson was TOT PBCJ.
16-035016 1204 hours Shots Fired 1860 N. Seacrest Blvd.
Officers responded to reports of shots fired in the vicinity of 1860 N. Seacrest Blvd. Initial reports described the suspect as a white male later identified as W/M Ryan Flamer (03/08/87) driving a red Chevrolet Cruz. The witnesses refused to cooperate and there no shell casings. During this time the suspect came to the police department in a different vehicle and gave a statement stating that he was a victim and did not wish cooperate. Due to the lack of evidence Flamer was released. However, Lantana PD located the vehicle, gained consent to search the vehicle from Flamer and located a pistol magazine and ammunition. Flamer, a convicted felon, was arrested and sent to PBCJ.