15-024634 1910 hrs. Throwing Deadly Missile/Battery/Poss. Drug Paraphernalia420 SE 4th St. Apt. 504
Rebecca Scales was arrested after investigation revealed that she battered Serena Nappo and threw a brick through her apartment window. A Search incident to arrest revealed that she was in possession of drug paraphernalia. She was forwarded to CJ.
15-024649 2102 hrs. Poss. of Cocaine/Tampering with Evidence 800 N Seacrest Blvd.
Officer Webster arrested James Wilson for possession of cocaine and tampering with evidence. He was later transported to C.J
15-024671 2256 hrs. Poss. of Marijuana 3000 N Congress Ave.
Officer Ward conducted a traffic stop on a white Honda. Officer Ward arrested Marc Scheiner for possession of marijuana. He was issued an N.T.A.
15-024674 2308 hrs. Theft 1319 N Federal Hwy. (U-Haul)
Victim allowed an unknown suspect, described as W/M (approximately mid 20’s having curly blond hair, a blond beard wearing a white shirt, and tan cargo pants), to use his phone. Once he handed the suspect his phone, the suspect fled the area.
15-024696 0226 hrs. Burglary Compound/Burglary to Auto 2000 High Ridge Rd. (Car Max)
Security for Car Max observed, via remote cameras, two unknown B/M’s enter the fenced compound and attempt to enter vehicles. Officers were able to set up a perimeter and capture both subjects.