19-011809 Robbery StrongArm 121 N. Congress Ave 1543 hours
Officers responded to Cricket Wireless in reference to a robbery. Officers met with a store employee who said an unknown person (suspect) stole 2 new I-Phones from the store. The employee said the suspect requested to see the phones and the employee complied with the request. As the employee attempted to bring the phones back to storage, the suspect snatched the phones from the employee’s hands. After a brief struggle, the suspect was able to take both phones from the employee. As the suspect left the store, the suspect threatened to shoot the employee if he was to be followed by the employee (no weapon was seen or displayed). The suspect was described as a black male wearing a white t-shirt and burgundy pants.
19-011837 Burglary Residence NW 9th Ave 1858 hours
Officers responded to the above address in reference to a delayed burglary to the residence. The homeowner told officers that an unknown person walked through her unlocked front door and stole some items from inside of the home. The stolen items were listed as a Playstation 4 and a black Cannon camera.
19-011838 Robbery StrongArm 1710 Stonehaven Dr 1912 hours
Officers were dispatched to a robbery at the above address. The officers met with the caller who said a group of teenagers stole his phone. The victim said he was speaking on his phone when the group of juveniles were walking in his direction. One of the juveniles approached him and said “Give Me That S#*T”. The juvenile proceeded to snatching the I-phone 7 out of the caller’s hands. The juveniles then ran in various directions. Responding officers searched the area but were not able to locate the juveniles. No suspect description available.
19-011773 AOD (Sinking Vessel) 6990 N. Ocean Blvd. 1025hrs.
BBPD Units and BBPD Marine Unit responded to the area of Ocean Inlet Park in reference to a sinking boat. On arrival, a small (approximately 22 foot ski boat) vessel was located approximately 200 yards south of the Inlet and approximately 100 yards from shore. The boat had taken on water and was sinking. There were several people on board to include children. As concerned boaters assisted with maneuvering towards the sinking boat, it submerged and the occupants went into the water. Through an effort with concerned boaters, Sea Tow, Palm Beach County Lifeguards and BBPD Marine Unit, all persons, 15 total, were retrieved from the water. The boat was towed to the boat ramp by Sea Tow.
19-011490 Agg. Assault Firearm NW 7th Ct 1652 hours
Officers responded to the intersection of BBB Blvd and Congress Ave to speak with a caller who claimed to be the victim of an assault. The caller said he was leaving work at a patient’s home when one of the patient’s parents threatened him with a gun. The caller said the parent/suspect accused the caller of being too friendly with the suspect’s spouse. The parent in question confirmed there was a verbal dispute but denied the existence of a weapon. The caller/victim declined to pursue criminal charges.
19-011572 Agg. Battery Firearm 2815 S. Seacrest Blvd 0119 hours
Officers were dispatched to Bethesda Hospital after being alerted of a male who walked in with a gunshot wound. The male victim told officers that he was shot in the arm while in the back seat of vehicle travelling somewhere on Seacrest Blvd. CSI and D-Bureau personnel responded to speak to the victim. The victim declined to cooperate with the investigation and signed a refusal to prosecute. It was never confirmed if the incident occurred in the city of Boynton Beach. Surrounding agencies were contacted and none reported a shooting having occurred in their jurisdiction within the above time frame.
19-11407 Auto Burglary 124 SE 24thAve 0720 hours
Sometime between 0400-0440 hours W/M suspect is observed on video breaking into 2 vehicles at the above location.
19-011341 2105 hours Armed Robbery 4770 N Congress Ave
Business reported two B/F’s entered the business to steal bottles of liquor. When confronted by employees, the suspects threated to mace them. The suspects fled with the liquor and entered a newer model silver Chevy Impala and fled the scene northbound.
19-011343 2122 hours Burglary Auto Flamingo Dr
Victim reported unknown person entered her unlocked vehicle. Victim’s purse and contents were stolen from within.
19-011392 0216 hours Suspicious Incident/Shots Fired 340 SW 8thAve
Caller reported hearing three to four gunshots in the area. A check of the area yielded negative results for any evidence of a shooting. Local hospitals were checked.