19-014363 Theft 2143 hours 2241 W. Woolbright Rd
Victim parked her vehicle at 2030 hours in Venetian Terrace; when she returned to her vehicle at 2130 hours she realized that her right side view mirror had been stolen. Victim advised there has been an ongoing issue in the community where vehicles have been burglarized.
19-014592 Suspicious Incident 0000 hours 709 NE 7th Avenue
Victim advised he saw flashlights on his back patio. BBPD units responded to the area. No one was located. BBPD units’ checked the surrounding area and community.
19-014457 Stolen Vehicle 2800 High Ridge Rd. 1012hrs.
2018 Yongfu scooter, Fl tag MIFE52, was stolen from the parking lot.
19-014463 Habitual Traffic Offender/ Possession of Cocaine 500 W. Gateway 1121hrs.
Sgt. Dunlop affected a traffic stop. Investigation revealed that the driver gave a false name and was a Habitual Traffic Offender. Search incident to arrest revealed two (2) small Ziploc type baggies of cocaine.
19-014316 Overdose Non-Fatal 1708 hours 1780 N. Congress Avenue
19-013874 1921 hours Burglary Auto 300 W Woolbright Rd
Victim advised as she was sitting inside of her vehicle at the above location an unknown W/M with dark clothing opened her vehicle’s front passenger door and removed her Iphone X. He then fled the area in a burgundy colored sedan (unknown tag).
19-013894 2032 hours Shooting 1901 N Seacrest (Ezel Hester)
Officers responded to above location in reference to shots fired. Victim was located at 1730 N Seacrest with what appeared to be a gunshot wound. He was transported to Delay Medical where it was discovered that there was no penetration of a projectile but rather shrapnel from a projectile. CSI and D-Bureau responded.
19-013904 2158 hours Suspicious Incident/Shots Fired 600 NE 2nd St
Officers were in the area and heard approx. 10 shots. A check of the area yielded negative results for any evidence of a shooting. Local hospitals were check.
19-013919 2243 hours DUI/ Non-Fatal Overdose 101 W Woolbright Rd
Officers responded to the above address to check on a male who passed out in the driver seat of a running vehicle. The driver was found to be in medical distress. The officers subsequently conducted a DUI investigation which resulted in the arrest of the male. While in custody, the male became combative with officers and sustain a small cut to his forehead.
19-013941 0025 hours Burglary Residence Delayed 1845 NE 6thSt
Officers responded to a delayed burglary at the above residence. Officers met with the homeowner who stated that an unknown person stole several pairs of Jordan sneakers from the garage which was secured.
19-014101 Suspicious Person 2240 N Federal Hwy 17:00 hours
B/M Derival, Christopher (12/12/1996) was charged with unlicensed carrying of a concealed firearm, processed and tot to PBCJ. He also had an active warrant (19000304) for failure to appear. Derival was located in the park after units responded to a suspicious person smoking narcotics. Further investigation revealed that Derival did not possess a concealed weapons permit however he was in possession of a firearm.
19-014117 Burglary to Auto 1920 SW 17th Avenue 19:06 hours
Victim parked his White Ford F-150 at approximately 2200 hours on 3/14/2019; when he returned to his vehicle he found the front passenger window with a puncture and cracks throughout the face. Nothing was missing from the vehicle.
19-014004 Traffic Crash (Injury) Hypoluxo and Lawrence Rd. 0654hrs.
Vehicle vs. bicyclist crash, injuries did not initially appear serious. Upon arrival at the Hospital the injury to the bicyclist was deemed serious and THI was notified.