15-10990 1752 Burglary Isles RD
Victim advised that he arrived home from work at 1750 hours and realized the alarm was going off. Victim departed for work at 0800 hours today. The front door (west side) was unlocked and the rear (east side) slider was open and off its track. The master bedroom and bath (north side) had been ransacked. A safe (that was positioned in the master bedroom closet) was now in the hall way. The rear door to the garage was also opened. There were also black markings on the floor tiles. These were believed to be from unknown suspect/s dragging the safe across the floor. No items appeared to be missing and/or damaged at this time. CSI McKinley responded and processed the scene.
15-11019 2104 Burglary Crane Way
Victim advised she left her residence today 03/16/2015 at approximately 1500 hours and returned approximately five hours later 2000 hours to find items missing from her bedroom. Victim stated she failed to secure the rear sliding glass door which was the point of entry. The following items were missing from the residence: Family jewels’, yellow gold/diamond wedding ring, jade earrings, diamond earrings, Ruby earrings and two yellow gold necklaces, approximately $7000.00 loss. Also missing were Foreign monies $500.00 from each of the following countries: Germany, England, Hong Kong, Tai Pei, Manila and U.S. for a total of $3000.00 in currency, and clothing items, Guess blue jeans, shirts and six wallets (unknown brands). loss of $620.00. Estimated total loss of $10,670.00. Crime Scene responded and processed the scene.
15-11020 2121 Burglary Sunset Blvd
Victim advised the residence was left secured at approximately 0630 hours. She returned at 1800 hours to discover the back sliding door was pried open. Upon entering the residence she noticed that $2,000 in US Currency, a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 Tablet ($300), and a silver ladies’ watch were all missing from the Master bedroom. The bedroom had been locked but the suspect(s) used a chisel to disable the locking mechanism causing damage to the door.($100). The chisel was left on the bed which was recovered and turned into BBPD evidence for DNA testing. Crime scene tech McKinley responded and the residence was processed.
15-010883 0726hrs Transit Fare Evasion 2800 High Ridge Rd. (Tri Rail)
B/M Omar Smith was arrested and issued an NTA after not paying for his ride from Pompano to Boynton Beach.
15-010904 1021hrs Burglary Auto NE 2nd Ct
Sometime between 03-15-15 at 2000hrs and today at 0951hrs, an unknown suspect entered the victim’s trunk and removed his speaker box containing 2 Bose speakers. Total loss $2,000.
15-010932 1219hrs Burglary Auto NE 2nd Ct
Sometime between 03-15-15 at 1800hrs and today at 1219hrs, unknown suspect entered the victim’s unlocked vehicle and took 2 GPS and a wallet from the center console.
15-010938 1232hrs Burglary Res. Forced SE 3rd St
Officer Viscome responded in reference to a w/f climbing though a window. Officer Viscome parked a couple of housed down to observe from a distance when he noticed a broken window and a w/f coming from around the home carrying something wrapped up in a sheet. Further investigation revealed that w/f Karen Elliott had just broken into the home and stole a television (in which Viscome saw her carrying) and cash. Karen was processed and TOT PBCJ.